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I do not agree that a democracticly elected government that is functioning in a dictatorial manner should be allowed to complete its term.

Second of all, Aristide did not get his second mandate democraticly, he annihilated any opposition by scaring them. Jean Dominique, their famous and relentless defender had died defending them and the whole idea of democracy.

He argued that everyone should be able to participate.

titid (with minuscule letters) had his own plan:no opposition in the ballots to his candidacy.

Dominique was killed, some say, by titid himself.

We can change things.

Diasporas do not have to be as bad as painted when they are in positions.

Daniel Narcisse fooled us and others did, but most diaspora want to go back to build.

Let's get together and support one project at a time and make sure, one project at a time, it's been completed, and move to the next one.

I love that f. coutry; I love its people even more. We have a duty to make it flourish.

Ayisyen Patriyot, August 16 2006, 11:32 PM

Topic: What Is The Ideal Form Of Government For Haiti?

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I do not agree that a democracticly elected government that is functioning in a dictatorial manner should be allowed... read more >
Ayisyen Patriyot, 16-Aug-06 11:32 pm
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Adhbriz, 17-Aug-06 11:25 am
Democracy must also be accompanied by free market capitalism. Free markets are necessary for true liberty. read more >
Capitalist Pig, 13-Jan-10 7:38 pm
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Hank, 13-Jan-10 7:55 pm
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Robert M. St Fleur, 13-Jan-10 9:34 pm
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Jay, 14-Jan-10 12:16 am
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Rubens Titus, 14-Jan-10 12:33 am
Government!!! what Government? Haiti doesnt have a government, Haiti have a brunch of middle schoolers brain running... read more >
Jay, 14-Jan-10 12:40 am
Democratic Socialism: A form of government where individual liberties are respected and the laws, decrees, and... read more >
Rubens Titus, 14-Jan-10 12:44 am
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