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I should have written: " Neither one man nor..." Sorry 4 the mistakes and all others. We all make them even in our own... more »


You're exactly right my brother: Neither One man or a few thousand "chimeres" should be allowed to take over the lives... more »

Junior is the friend who made a mistake

R U Junior of Delmas11 Pitit Mariloud. Reply 2 me if you are. I still love u bcause u were a good man until u met... more »

Let Preval Prevail

You're a fool. Si Aristid tounen tout espwa sekirite menase, Kite Preval aji pou kont li. Kite aristid bwe kob li an... more »

Preval is the man

This is what I am talking about: be positive. Hey Loly, I am not trying to compare Preval with Aristide. Preval is... more »


Loly, your concern is much understandable, but remember Preval is not a man of words like the other fellow, he's a man... more »

Good cabinet. Felicitations Preval-Alexis

Verella is part of the new government; I love it. Marie J. Lassegue is back, even though I did not appreciate the fact... more »

Mr President I count on you

You chose your man You picked your man Stay with your man Stick with your wrong man History will tell us You've been... more »

Choose someone else Prez.

I agree: Alexix is not the right man now. I'd rather have Manigat. Even though he's older than Alexis, I think his... more »

Preval History is waiting 4 u

A lot of people do not know about this new site. I suggest that you send an email to all those who participate in the... more »

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