A List of Suggestions for a Better Haiti

Lionne - January 8 2008, 4:57 PM

A list of Suggestions for Haiti's leaders
1. Three States
Since Haiti is a small country, Haiti can be divided into 3 States.

The State of Cap-Haitian with a Cap-Haitian City, would remain the State of History.

The State of Gonaives with a Gonaives City, would become the cultural and religious center of Haiti.

The State of Port-au-Prince with a Port-au-Prince City would remain the seat of the Government and the state of business.

Only three mayors would be needed.

Thus government spending and middle management would be greatly reduced.

2. Insecurity
Set up check points around the Bidonvilles.

Nobody leave the area after 9pm.
Start taking electronic fingerprints and retinal scans.

Register the names, date of births, and addresses of all individuals 15 to 70 years of age. This may sound tedious and expensive, but think about the amount of lives and property that would be saved by keeping a tab on all those people.

The future of Port-au-Prince depends on eliminating the bidonvilles that are teeming with despair and criminals.

Encourage them to go back to the provinces.

Have all the residents of the city pay an additional 365dollars HT City Tax. That money would be used for garbage collection and processing, road cleaning etc. People have to be employed or going to school full time or part time to reside in the city otherwise they have to move back to the provinces to work the land. If they are self employed they have to have a 5dollars HT business license.

They can only have that license after they watch a one hour movie about hygiene, germs and bacteria and other ways to improve their businesses.

If someone is sending them money from the US they have to have proof and pay taxes.

Only the people who are over 60 years old and under 15 years of age are exempt from paying the city tax.
3. Taxes and Social Security Numbers.

Assign all businesses a Tax Code
Assign all individuals over 15 years of age a social security number.

This will make it easier to keep track on who is paying taxes and who is not.
The extra city tax should be payable weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

Failure to pay taxes should result in community service for that period.

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Mark Truck says...

To help Haiti get out of his horrible situation, all options should be put on the table. You have made some... more »

Lionne says...

We decided that the ideas of the entire group would be posted under Lionne Club and the ideas of one individual will... more »

Lionne says...

I am a Lionne in charge of typing for the day. I noticed your comment Mak. I would like to take a minute to answer... more »

Rubens F. Titus says...

Hi, it seems you wanna make Haiti a little America in principles. We need a plan and action. 1. Are you suggesting we... more »

Sousbery Colin says...

Rubens, I agree with the social security idea of yours. We do not need such system in Haiti, but we do need to change... more »

Lionne2 says...

Haiti have foreigners trampling its soil, they may loose the "sac with the crabs" "sack la at tout crab la" as the... more »

Soufnantiou says...

Lionel2, you're absolutely right. Insecurity is always caused by poverty. We should encourage them to move back to... more »

Soufnantiou says...

Lionne2, my bad i made a mistake in you name more »

Christian Jr Mcnally says...

First of all,Mr Preval must establish a welfare system for the have nots. To do that, everyone must have a number from... more »

Soufnantiou says...

There is nothing else to say Bro, you've said it all. more »