First of all, Mr Preval must establish a welfare system for...

Christian Jr Mcnally - January 22 2008, 8:24 PM

First of all, Mr Preval must establish a welfare system for the have nots. To do that, everyone must have a number from the day of their birth, such as an identity number which is like a social security number in America.

The people that are not working must get a monthly check and also a voucher to be able to purchase food to feed their family.

The monthly check is to pay their rent, water bills, electricity,transportation, etc. Second, a reform in education must be done. Alot of public schools must be built by the government in every part of the coumtry to allow averyone to receive an education.

The parents that have money may send their children to private schools of their choice, but the government must provide the people with good and secure schools.

It's not rocket science.

It's a very simple basic idea. If anyone who loves his country has that opportunty to change the life of his people for better, I truly believe they should take that opportunity and get it done.I'd like to speak of the necessities needed in Haiti and the solutions.

For example, water is one of the biggest problems in the country and also one of the easiest to resolve.

Haiti is a rain forest, I know firsthand about the problems in Haiti.

The fact is I'm also Haitien, and witnessed the devastation the rain did a couple of months ago. If not all the water, most of it went to the ocean.

I dont recall seeing any aqueducts or aware of any in Haiti to reserve the rain water, to purify it and give or sell to the people.

My beloved Haitiens deserve to have running water 24 hrs. a day, 365 days a year. It's also easy to reserve water.

Start cementing all the water channels and that will eliminate erosion from them, and as they're cementing them in some areas for example by the bridge near Croix des Bouquet, they should go half a mile inland along the channel and build a reservoir 25 feet deep with iron and well cemented, 200 square yards wide, the size of two American football fields.

That will help us to save rain water to give back to the people and the region, and also that should be done to all the water channels that run in the country, to provide water for the people.

It's important for you Haitien leaders to do that to save your beloved country from this water crisis.

Next, electricity.

At a time when the world is moving to energy solutions, we must quickly adopt their ways to not get left behind.

The solar energy is the way to go. I recall seeing it in some places in Haiti.

Streets lights need to be adopted not simply for streets but for people's homes too. Haitiens deserve to have 24 hour electricity, 365 days a year. My friend, truly it's about time. Next, roads.

Why not?

How do we get around?

The government must invest in the machine that makes the drainage elements, to avoid or reduce floods, and also build good roads.

Make them a little bit larger to provide better circulation.

The goverment also needs to invest in a mass transit system such as a train that will provide better circulation for our beloved people.

I must say that president Preval means well by diminishing the crime in the country with the help of the United Nations.

I hope the ideas I mentioned will help build Haiti.

I can go on an on. Now I want to speak of the economy of the country.

At a time when the world is going through an economic crisis, the basic needs of the people must be met. What I mention here is basic needs.

In order for the economy of Haiti to get better, the government must vest the people with money so they can spend it back into the country.

It's not impossible to do. It's not that Haiti doesn't have money.

The United States and other countries donate financial support to Haiti.

The administration should establish a code outlining how businesses in the country should operate, and also to create a good community service to keep the country clean.

That should be paid by the business owners.

Keep the streets clean, just the same way the White House, or Palais Street nearby, is clean.


It's not rocket science.

If the government is providing finance to the needy, there wont be any need to have people selling something on every corner.

That will allow our country to stay clean and open to circulation.

Haiti needs modern day markets.

Everything must be sold indoors to reduce debris and bacteria all over the place.

The government must tax every business in the country to invest the poor with money to be able to control them and keep the environment clean.

I believe I touched the exposed nerves of a lot of subjects that can do alot of good for Haiti.

If all I said can be done for Haiti, which I dont want not to mention we also need well organized and sanitized public hospitals and public parks, I dont think I would ever want to leave Haiti.

I'm willing to help.

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