Wilgeens Rosenberg - February 20 2008, 8:19 PM

Brothers and sisters, Hispanolanos, Afro-latinos and African Decents.

We have got to wake up!!! The fact still remains that in the Dominican Republic the majority of the population are of African descent more than they are of any other mixtures being speculated.

Just like in Haiti (Hispanola as a whole), Jamaica, Barbados and the most of the rest of the carribean countries; the indiginous people thus the true natives came to 95% extinction under the barbarism of Spaniard Colonization then brought in the African Slave dues to that very fact and premise.

The bullshit romance notions that most of the "supposedly" Latin countries such as Cuba, Puerto Rico and now the Dominican Republic have that they are of mixture of Indians thus mean the Tainos, Boriquens and so forth is almost no so true due to the fact that I must repeat that 95% of much of the natives of these islands were extinct.

Given the math, doe to mere luck and possible escaped natives who survived, just about only 10% were alive to have been able to mingled with the black slaves or any other mixture in time to ever possibly start reproducing that race. So were there survivors any would aks?

Yes, you darn sure there would.

However, the alarming sad truth most of the names of the Latino Countries I have just named must comprehend but are in denial of accepting is that only less than 5% of them maybe, possibly carry some very distant blood of the indiginous or so called Tainos, Boriquen or even Cariben tribes in them still because, to recap, the greater and most of them were killed by the Spaniards.

In other words, the Spaniards, the French had only the African Slaves to occasionally raped and surprisingly have mated with to produced the what we now called Mulatos in french Mulatres.

The compusure of most Latinos, if not all, is a mixture of Spaniards and African, period.

Then in regions such as Haiti where French roamed, they were of a mixture of French and African.

Regardless if it had been the intermix of Spaniards with Slaves or French with slaves, the end result is both French and Spain are Europeans.

Much like in North America, the whether it was Spain, French or Breat Britain whom may have mated with the slaves; they are still White Europeans who ruled with every sense of barbarism and control for the sake of their own Capitalism and Imperialism Growth.

Somewhere along the way and chronicle of time, people of any African Decent have been forcibly taught and adapting in mind through years of oppressed irrationalization that being a person of color was inferior so many have gone the greatest link to conceal such african root by starting to claim all kinds of mixtures.

Not to discredit those who are indeed and in fact of many comprised mixtures of any kind. People are people and are born not with the choice of the color of their skin whether or regardless of whom racially they are mixed with ethnically, somehow indeed, one must embrace the humanity of their any rich culture they so chose to embrace if need be to relate to their true personal and individual Identity or preserved base culture they chose to relate to and embrace.

The fact remains that, central America and possibly many other walks of the world or region are predominently of African decent is the one thing many White Europeans have still and yet to come to terms with after they long racial campaign to annihilated many race of color after they realized such a race would not succomb to great injustice and would no longer be beneficial to their exploitive Capitalism and Imperialism.

So they create differences with the premises to divide and conquer and reconquer by all and many means necessary.

So we must all stop acting like House Negoes, slaves and de-brainwashed our minds to the kind of thinking of divisibilty amongs us as people and stop contributing to the cause of those who are made out to still make one feels inferior of thier color of their skin instead of thier characters and humanity.

If Dominicans wish to relate to being more barbaric Euro-Spania then let their true identity be exposed what and who they truly are if reconciliation and tolorance is too humane of a thing of them to do. The unfortunate sad truth for Haitians is that, had they have been or remained as prosperous and as much THE PEARL as it used to be and still are, I assure you all, there would not have been a Dominican Haitian conflict.

I say this with no bias and partiality nor denigration and disrespect to the Dominican Republic, however my facts have been searched and to be proven that: Even in the saddest of days of Haiti as many Dominicans are violating and discriminating against Haitians, the rising rise of Dominican Prostitutes still skyrocked in Haiti even now when the HAITIAN economy being as poor as it is and not blooming any rapidly.

Still, all the Casinos, Hotels such as El Rancho and places like Amigo, Rythmo Salsa and others like it are frequented mostly by Dominicans Prostitutes.

Right there on Haiti's main Boulevard of Avenue Jean-Jacques Dessaline also known as Grand Rue, One of Haiti's main principal road in Port-Au-Prince.

Much like place such as Cabarete, Susua, Puerto Plata as well as Punta Cana and in other regions in the Dominican Republic has become a breeding place for legal Prostitution and for Dominicans to flatter and suck up to Gringos and Blanco touristas who in recent years researches and records have shown a precipitance growth of young little girls getting pregnant and giving birth to Mixed kid being left without a fathers and in most cases it is because they do not know who the real fathers are since they were inpregnated by tourists who very well may not even know or already left the country.

That you are not going to hear on the news because those same very people who goes there are from all sort of walk in the US, CANADA, GERMANY, DANMARK, IRELAND and so forth whom most of them go there for the lawlessness whom many of these tourist owns places of Prostitutions themselves such as and Ecellence Punta Cana. Just to name a few, but google and research people

Regardless of any exploited bad media being covered about Haiti around the globe; let the record show and be evidence that the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC is the third main world suppliers of Prostitutes, with Brazil and the Philippines leading.

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