Zac, I was very moved by your story. And yes, you are right...

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Zac, I was very moved by your story.

And yes, you are right, someone like yourself would never amount to much in Haiti; Even with your beautiful intelligence and wisdom, you would most likely end up unemployed, or driving some kind of truck or car, or worst, working as a geran lakou.

You deserve better and I am glad that you found it. But there are tons of young people in Haiti who are stuck in their hell, with no possibility of a future.

The restavecs in Haiti are not slaves, and cannot be compare with slaves (the idiot white man loves to try this stunt).

What we have in Haiti is a situation of unprotected child labor.

Children in Haiti in general have no government protection.

Tons of young girls, from all social millieus, are molested yearly, and no one says a peep about it. Restavecs are most of the times mistreated, and even when they are with someone who is not mean to them, they are never treated like the person's own child--somewhat like children who fall in the foster care system in the US. However, most of the time Restavecs are treated very poorly.

But than, so are most of the poor people in Haiti.

I recently had a young woman who was working with a friend of my mom's...this woman worked as a maid, and one day she used the iron when she wasn't supposed to and the house lost electrical power.

Well, the woman that she worked for slapped her, and the son punched her in her belly.

The young woman had no real recourse.

All she could do was to leave the job. If she tried to go to the police, she would never work again in that region because all those people sort of know each other.

What was worst is that most of the people I know who heard that story seemed not to care. My mom's friend is still welcomed at everyone's house; she's at all the parties laughing as if nothing ever happen.

I am the only person who actually does not say hello to her.

Zac, I did not see that post that you are talking about.

What choice were you trying to make?

Linda, August 19 2009, 5:33 PM

Topic: sir how is haiti a latin country

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