Dear Robert, you are right. I have been rather impatient...

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Dear Robert, you are right.

I have been rather impatient lately with the bloggers.

Because of that I tend to stay away from the blog more and more these days. I cannot stop thinking of the starving children, of the unemployed young men, of the kids who work as restavecs (that idiot Americans call slaves), of the fathers who cannot feed their families, and because of that feel less like deserving as man. Yes, I guess I am somewhat intolarant of a subject that is so irrelavant to the countries well being.

Each time I go to Haiti, things seem worst.

The last time I was there, I went to visit a pregant woman who we had allowed to stay for free in one of our appartments.

We thought that she and her boyfriend would be alright if they had a place to stay, since the young man had a small job. Well, wen I went to visit them on this trip, the baby was gone. In my absene she had given birth, than had sold it to an American woman.

The sad part is that when I got there that money was already gone. They did not know I was coming, and what I saw them eating broke my heart.

I gave them some money, and we got her a small job with a friend.

But the salary she will be making is so meager that don't know how they will survive on it. She must have sold her baby for suh a small amount of all pained my heart.

And she is just one of the stories that I've encountered in Haiti.

So, no, no, seriously no! I don't have any patience for this type of issue.

But that is my problem and I should not be impatient with the bloggers because of it.

Linda, August 17 2009, 7:02 PM

Topic: sir how is haiti a latin country

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Dear Robert, you are right. I have been rather impatient lately with the bloggers. Because of that I tend to stay away... read more >
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