Zac What a great uplifting story! Zac believe it or not I...

Tiba - August 19 2009, 4:27 PM


What a great uplifting story!

Zac believe it or not I somewhat lived that life too. I was only 6 years old when my father died. My mom became mentally unstable 5, 6 months later.

We were only three siblings and I was the only boy, the youngest of the three.

As there was no one to take care of us (my mom couldn't) so we were slpit up. My 2 sisters went to live with relatives and I stayed with my mom.

After awhile my mom and I moved in with someone who was supposedly to be a family.

Well the whole time we lived there, my mom and I were technically slaves of that household.

While my mother was fulfilling the role of servant, I on the other hand was being a "restavek".

It was like a trade off to have a place to live and to have something to eat.

I remember this particular day, I was maybe 8 years old, when I forgot to do the dishes, that caused me the worse beaten.

Dinner was made my mom and I watched everybody eating dinner while both us were forced to go to bed hungry.

They didi not feed us just to teach us a lesson.

Bu at the age of 8 1/2 to 9, God sent an angel to rescue me, it was a nun. She took me into the convent and raised me and sent me to school.

But I became a grown up, an adult, and a man at the age of 12 when I had decided to work odd jobs while going to schoolto earn a dollar or 2 in order to take care of my mother.

With the help and the guidance of the good Lord, I managed to rise above it all and became the man that I have become today.

I took care of my mother untill she died in the late 70's and I will not change it for the world.

Restavek in Haiti is nothing more than pure "Slavery", which should get rid of if Haiti must have a place in the civilized world.

Restavek, not only it is wrong but it is inhuman, immoral, behond the true meaning of values.

Restavek is about robbing a child of his/her integrity, dignity, and his/her human rights.

Those who don't see anything wrong with rstavek are those who either had/have restavek or had/have friends and relatives with restaveks in their homes.

And I say shame to these people.

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