Im sorry LINDA, but don't forget, inspite of my thoutfulness...

Boje Lwijan - December 2 2007, 6:52 AM

Im sorry LINDA, but don't forget, inspite of my thoutfulness, and underneath it all, I am still human.

I can't pretend.

In real life, I have been lebeled as being comical; fun to be around; yet straight forward, the one who speak his mind; vulgar, yes, let me write it again, VULGAR, activist; sometimes, bold; considerate; having a good sense of patriotism; caring for others; respomsible; a leader; team worker, etc.

I consider myself as a VAGABON ABIYE.

So please, don't be fool by the THOUGHTFULNESS.

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Hi Boje Lwijan, Everything you said was so well...



Topic for next week: please share your ideas, post an economic model. Contribute.

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I think in real life I would like the spirited person...

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