Haiti's Economy/ How To Improve It!

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Posted October 20 2007 at 12:04 AM

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Im Sorry LINDA, But Don't Forget, Inspite Of My Thoutfulness, And Underneath It All, I Am Still Human. I Can't Pretend. In Real Life, I Have Been Lebeled As Being Comical; Fun To Be Around; Yet Straight Forward, The... Boje Lwijan 12/02/2007
"Again Joseph What Are We Doing About It. Or Do We Have The Patriotism To Get Involved And Make Sacrifice" Ruben, This Website Was Put-Up And Is Probably Financed By Somebody Who Wants To Brainstorm The Haitian... Harry Joseph 12/01/2007
Hi Boje Lwijan, Everything You Said Was So Well Articulated, But Than You Added That Last Bit At The End And I Almost Went Into Cardiac Arrest. If We Were In A Live Forum, Your Solid, Well Argued Points Would Have Been... Linda 12/01/2007
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Before It Was Papa Legba The Nasty Lwa, Than Codo I Suspect Boje But His Or Her Vocabulary Have Surpassed Your Previous Writings. Now You Are Confusing Linda With Flo Who Do Not Know Each Other. I Am... Flo 11/30/2007
Again Joseph What Are We Doing About It. Or Do We Have The Patriotism To Get Involved And Make Sacrifice. Or Are Still Waiting For The Leaders, The Politicians And The Foreign Donors? Or Are We Sending The Relatives... Rubens Titus 11/29/2007
Harry, I Do Agree With LINDA, It Seems As If You Had Only Read A Very Few Of The Statements Here From Posters Hustllng With Such A Burning Issue, "HAITI'S ECONOMY/ HOW TO IMPROVE IT!" And On Your So Well Detail On... Boje Lwijan 11/29/2007
Man, Harry, I Hear You. You Are Right On All Points. All The Millions Of Dollars Of Foreign Aid, Haiti Received, I Wonder What They Do With It. No One Has Seen Any Improvements Whatsoever. No Roads Are Being... Greg Peters 11/29/2007
Greg, You Know Some Might Say That Haiti Has Been Isolated For So Long That They Do Not Realize How Things Are Done In Other Countries, But I Would Have To Refute That. A Good Proportion Of Haiti's Leaders Including... Harry Joseph 11/29/2007
Harry, Congratulations For Your Logical Intervention. I Have Read Linda's Posts; She Is Very Arrogant And Will Not Answer Any Question. She Is Good At Cutting People Throat And Put Them Down. Actually, She Is An... Nelson A. Jean-phillipe 11/28/2007
Once Again To Peters And Fellow Compatriotes Here, What Is Not Mentioned Is That The Haitians Under Estime Tried To Lift Haiti's Face By Fixing Up Belladere And The Road From Belladere Leading To Port-Au-Prince. But... Rubens Titus 11/28/2007