Haiti's Economy/ How To Improve It!

Flo Says...

Posted October 20 2007 at 12:04 AM

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When You Have Time Do Rejoin Our Discussions. I Got Even With That Elusive And Subtle Split Tongue Snake For You, By Using His Own Words Against Him.(I Have To Say Though That Xyz Was Quite Insolent) I Will Be Going... Flo 10/26/2007
McKenzie, You Constantly Fall Short In Understanding The Posts. I Was One Of The People Who Talked About The Horrors Of The Duvalier Regime, And People Who Were Pro Duvalier Posted Hostile Responses To Me. I Lost 2... Linda 10/24/2007
Linda, Your Purported "Phd" Notwithstanding, I Still Think Your Pollyannish Approach Is Tepid And Lacks Focus. This Ra Ra Bim Pou Bah Is Good For Sesame Street, But Not For A Blog That Is Dealing With Kind Of Problems... Mckenzie 10/24/2007
OK XYZ, So The Post I Was Referring To Wasn't Your Last One. You Took Off On A Tirade Again, But In My Opinion, This Time You Were Provoked. You Should Not Let People Get Under Your Skin Like That. Again... Linda 10/24/2007
Dear XYZ; I Like Your Last Post. I Did Not Agree With It All, But You Made Some Good Points Without Getting Nasty. You'll Find In The Future That The Calmer You Stay, The More Points You Can Get Across. On Another... Linda 10/24/2007
Hey Mckenzie; This \"Pollyanna" Thinks You're Just As Rude To All Of Us As XYZ Was To The President. Perhaps You Also Should Return To Your Mother For A Refresher Course In Good Manners And Civil Behavior. Linda 10/24/2007
Spare Us Your Stereotype RANTINGS. Maman And Papa Arrived With University Degrees And With Their Meager Savings When That Old Psychopath Was Beginning To Go Bizerk. They Arrived By American Airlines Thank You. I Was... Xyz 10/24/2007
When Missionaries From KIDS INCORPORATED Say That Government Shelters Were Closed And Forced 300,000 Children To Leave In The Street. They Rescued (100) 4years Olds Who Where Living In A Drain. Those Kids Were At The... Xyz 10/24/2007
Thanks To Flo, Toussaint And All Of You That Unite Against The Extreme Arrogance, Cockiness And Profound Irreverence Of XYZ Toward Our President. Disregarding XYZ Political Affiliation, He Has No Reason To Address A... Gros-morne Gonaives 10/24/2007
XYZ, For All The Pollyannas Who Ascribe This Little Peepsqueak's Ill Manner And Boorish Behavior To Youthful Exuberance, I Offer This Advice-When One Indulges A Wayward Youth, You Are Not Helping Him/Her Rather You Are... Mckenzie 10/23/2007