Haiti's Economy/ How To Improve It!

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Posted October 20 2007 at 12:04 AM

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In These Games Of The " Haves" Against The \"Have Nots" Where The \"Haves" Have Been Calling The Shots, We Haitians Could Have Evoided Further Domages To Ourselves By Swaying Away From Self Inflicted Wounds From Our... Boje Lwijan 11/14/2007
Well. DJAKOUT, You Had Said What I Thought You Were Trying To Say All Along: Other People Are More Likely To Be UNITED, Better Than We Can, Especially In Matters Of Common Interests. & This Is Where, I Am Afraid, My... Boje Lwijan 11/12/2007
Hey Lwijan, What I Was Trying To Say Was That: White People, Hispanic People Etc Get Along Easily When They Have To Do Something For Their Country While After 200 Years We're Still Fighting Each Other. I Believe In... Djakut 11/09/2007
DJAKOUT, It Seems To Me That You Are Freaking Out, Ou Pindat, Thinking That Someone Might Do You Wrong Through Negative VODOU. This Here Is A Social Issue Resulting From A Lack Of Education From Our People, & Which... Boje Lwijan 11/09/2007
Lwijan, When I Said That White People Or Mulatoes Are United, I Did Not Mean It In That Level. Let Me Put It That Way, I Have A Barber Shop And Somebody Else Got A Barber Shop Right Across, What Do You Think Is Going... Djakut 11/08/2007
Mon Che Djakout, I Wanted To Bring The Haitian DIASPORAS Into The Mix On My Next Statement About How To Quickly Drag The Country Out Of This Dead End We Find Ourselves. To Doors To The Haitian DIASPORAS Have Always... Boje Lwijan 11/07/2007
I Don't Believe That The Haitians Can Improve Haiti's ECONOMY Without The Diaspora. First Of All They're Too Selfish Unless They Open The Door For The Diaspora. The First Thing They Gonna Say To You: Ou Pa Tap Milite... Djakut 11/07/2007
Very Powerful Videos.100% True! Thanks. Gros Jean 11/07/2007
So The IMF And The World Bank Has Our Government And Country By The Throat. Just Like Haitians Living Here In The United States Are Living In Debt, Paycheck To Paycheck. How Do We Escape Being At The Very Bottom Of The... A Regular Reader 11/07/2007
Haiti A Force Change Of Government By The United States? IMF And World Bank Are Institutions Controlled By The United States. Present The Videos Like This Next Time. Let People Click On The Videos Like This: Ww Zemi 11/07/2007