Haiti's Economy/ How To Improve It!

Flo Says...

Posted October 20 2007 at 12:04 AM

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I Was In The Dominican Republic Last Year When I Saw The News On TV That There Was A Big Fire In An Old Building In Port-Au-Prince. The Firefighters Did Respond But They Had No Water To Fight The Flames!!! The... Greg Peters 11/27/2007
Your Apology To The Bloggers Is A Big Step Towards Getting Them To Listen To Your Idea. I Tend To Respond Negatively When Newcomers Attack Other Members Of The Blog Who Are Just Trying To Come-Up With Answers. I... Linda 11/25/2007
Harry, You Seem To Forget That South Korea Is An American Poster Country That Is Made To Be Successfull Because The West Wants To Show To The Communist North Korea How Wonderful Free Market Economy Is. Our Beloved... Rubens Titus 11/25/2007
Linda Like Said I Only Viewed The First 2 Or 3 Pages Before I Decided To Repond To This Post. My Apology This Post Is Kind Of Old But I Never Nothered Answering It Because These Things Have Been Discussed Before And As... Harry Joseph 11/25/2007
Since The 1960s, South Korea Has Achieved An Incredible Record Of Growth And Integration Into The High-Tech Modern World Economy. Four Decades Ago, GDP Per Capita Was Comparable With Levels In The Poorer Countries Of... Harry Joseph 11/25/2007
Furthermore, Harry, When I Said That You Should Do Something About Your Reading Skills, I Was Proposing That You Actually Read The Long Discussion That You So \"Savagely" Interrupted With You Negative Put-Down. I Never... Linda 11/25/2007
Harry, You Are Right About My Response Being Harsh. However, I Have Very Little Patience With An Individual Who Comes Late Into A Picture And Starts Acting Like Everyone Else Is An Idiot While He Alone Has The Answers... Linda 11/25/2007
This Is The Reason Why I Dont Like To Get Into Discussion With Savages Like Linda. Linda I Have A Masters In Computer Science So My Reading Skills Are Fine. I Just Happen To Run Into This Website While Doing Research... Harry Joseph 11/25/2007
There's Nothing Worst Than An Ignorant Know-It-All. You Said Nobody On This Blog Offered Anything Of Value, Well You Should Really Go And Learn Elementary Reading Skills, Because Everything That You Suggested Was... Linda 11/25/2007
I've Been Looking At Some Of These Messages And Nobody Offered Anything Of Value. The Same Old Negative Stuff That Keeps Holding Haitians Back. One Way To Improve The Economy Is Through Tourism, But First You Have To... Harry Joseph 11/24/2007