Haiti's Economy/ How To Improve It!

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Posted October 20 2007 at 12:04 AM

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Hey XYZ; I Thought You Knew That P. Preval Does Not Read This Sight. So, Why Are You Writing To Him? Stay Cool My Friend, Dealing With The Situation In Haiti Is Getting To You... Linda 10/22/2007
I Was Told You And Your Other Government Ticks(Who Are Bleeding Mother Haiti To Death) Have Created "Dummy Corporations" In Foreign Banks To Funnel Multiple Millions Of Dollars From Haiti To Your Personal Bank... Xyz 10/22/2007
Rubens, I Do Know That There Is A Lots Of Information On Haiti In The Archives And In The Libraries. I Spent Much Of The Past 11 Years Of My Life Retrieving And Reading It. (I Am Not Going To Start A War With You On... Linda 10/22/2007
Glad To Hear About Your Hands-On Experience With The Economy. We Are Not Familar With Any Of The Plans You Have Mentionned So Far. We Never Heard Of Them! Can You Share With Us One Of These Plans You Talked About In... Ti Malice 10/22/2007
Hi, Linda You Seem To Be A Very Passionate Person About Haiti's Plight And I Love That Much. 1. I Am Not An Expert In Haitian Culture And I Am Somewhat Clueless On Its Would-Be Impact On An Economic Development Model... Rubens Titus 10/22/2007
By The Way XYZ, I Did Agree With Your Point That We Could Borrow And Adapt To Our System Some Of The Strategies That Work For Other Nations. I Think The Key To What You Said Is \"Adaptable." Linda 10/21/2007
Hi XYZ; I Think Most Of Us Already Know That This Sight Does Not Belong To The Haitian Government. As I Said In A Much Older Post, We Continue To Blog On The Issues As A Form Of Intellectual Masturbation Because We... Linda 10/21/2007
Dear Preval: You Alcoholic Uncle Tom, You Need To Stop Selling The Future Of Haiti Piece By Piece To Foreigners Through Your Contracts. Did You Have To Have A Contract With American Airline To Prevent Haitian Citizens... Xyz 10/21/2007
Linda Perhaps Haiti Needs To Learn And Copy Some Of Those Adaptable Strategies And Policies, And Incorporate Those Social Innovations As Well, Since Haiti Have Not Been Able To Create Anything So Far On Their Own. My... Xyz 10/21/2007
Rubens You Said To Me "Some Of Your Thoughts Are Highly Theoretical And Mostly Conceptual." I'm Usually Accused Of The Opposite, As I Probably Should Have Been In This Case. I Think That Most People Would Argue That It... Linda 10/21/2007