Haiti's Economy/ How To Improve It!

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Posted October 20 2007 at 12:04 AM

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Mete Pou Li Linda Li Merite Sa. Djakut 12/06/2007
You Don't Seem To Get It, My Friend: We Are An Occupied Country. The Notion That Haiti Is An Independent Country Is A Myth. We Are Not Much Different From Our Ancesters Who Lived In Complete Slavery. The Proof? Any... Grogrenn 12/06/2007
L'économie Du Japon En Français Pour Ceux Qui Ne Parlent Pas L'anglais. Le Japon, S'appuyant Sur La Coopération Entre L'État Et Les Entreprises, Une Forte éthique Du Travail, La Maîtrise Des Hautes Technologies... Flo 12/03/2007
Rubens, Again You Are Not Carefully Reading What The Other Person Is Saying. Harry Joseph's Post On The Success Of One Individual Helping His Nation Actually Goes With Everything That You Have Been Saying That Haitians... Linda 12/02/2007
Mr. Joseph. My Apology. Nations Advance Through Sacrifice And Selfless Contributions By Its People Toward Its Betterment. What My Beloved Haiti Needs Is For All Her Children To Get Involved Born Overhere Or Overthere... Rubens Titus 12/02/2007
Harry, This Was A Very Inspirational Piece. I Believe That Many Haitians In The Diaspora Would Probably Return Home And Invest More In Their Country If They Could. But Their Country Rejects Them By Telling Them They... Linda 12/02/2007
I Got You LINDA. I'll Try Doing My Best Not Letting Frustrations Getting The Best Of Me, The Next Time. Boje Lwijan 12/02/2007
ACCRA, Ghana — Coby Asmah Is A Success In A Part Of The World That Is Hardly Ever Equated With Success. The Design And Printing Business He Launched From His Dining Room Table 14 Years Ago Now Employs 54 People. He... Harry Joseph 12/02/2007
I Think In Real Life I Would Like The Spirited Person That Boje Lwijan Seems To Be--Minus The Cursing. Linda 12/02/2007
FLO, I Know That Every Concerned Haitian Citizen Is On The Edge Nowaday. Giving What Has Been Occuring In Our Country; The Fload Of Bad News, This Is Understandable. However, I Suggest That You Try To Channel Your... Boje Lwijan 12/02/2007