Haiti's Economy/ How To Improve It!

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Posted October 20 2007 at 12:04 AM

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Another US Stooge? When Is This Political Bouhaha Going To End.This Perkins Video(After That Long Report,..Please Make It Shorter Next Time) That Entails US Corporate Greed And One Of The Reasons Of Aristide's... Zemi 11/07/2007
HAITI ECONOMIC ISSUES: Population (2006 Census): 8.5 Million ** At The End Is A Video 1. That Explains How The United States World Bank Gives Money To Countries To Build The Infrastructure To Facilitate US... Flo 11/06/2007
Yes Indeed, "L", I Am Giving An F To This Guy On Whose Name This Web Site Was Created, And His Predecessors, As Well. Up Until Now, They All Have Proven That They Are A Bunch Of Ti Politisyen Nan Kouchet, Deye Manman... Boje Lwijan 11/06/2007
In That Case, Your Are Giving Our Government An (F) L Georges 11/06/2007
Now FLO, If You Don't Mind, Let Me Get Back To The Subject Itself. Economics Should Be The Number ONE Concern From A Government Toward It Citizens, For It Very Well Influences Every Other Aspects Of Life. No One Can... Boje Lwijan 11/06/2007
OK, FLO, Let's Not Make This A Personal Discussed Subject, Or Debate Between You & I, Let Us Refocus On The Subject Itself. I M Not Whoever You Presumed That I Am. It Might Be A Coincidence That Two People Happen To... Boje Lwijan 11/06/2007
Sorry To Disappoint You But I Am Black. However My Family Is Like A Rainbow, So I Tend To See Things Differently, From A Different Perspective. I Do Not Need To Click On Some Not Too Correct Story On The Internet When... Flo 11/06/2007
I Thank You For Your Input And Compliment FLO. I Do Agree That I Write Masters' Language Like Timalice. Knowing That English Is Still My Third Language, There Is No Shame In My Game Here. One Thing Though, Your Reading... Boje Lwijan 11/05/2007
Very Good Boje Lwijan That Was A Very Good Point You Made, And You Do Write In The Style To Ti Malice. Anyhow I Disagree With One Small Point About Dessaline Because He Murdered Thousands Of African Maroons(Blacks Like... Flo 11/05/2007
Hello Test, Test. Hello Testing, Is The Camera On Me Now, Cameraman?-........, Good. Good Evening Ladies And Gentlemen! In Order To Elaborate About Improving Haiti's Economical Conditions, One Had To Be, As Suggested... Boje Lwijan 11/05/2007