Haiti's Economy/ How To Improve It!

Flo Says...

Posted October 20 2007 at 12:04 AM

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I Would Like Yo Put In The President Shoes, And See If You Could Do Better. La Critique Est Aisee, Mais L'art Est Difficile. And You Don't Have To Be So Rude With The Brothers To Make Your Point. Chil Out Man. You Want... Robert P. Toussaint 10/23/2007
Easy Flo...XYZ Is A Young And Energetic Mind (Remember He/She Is Either Still In High School Or A College Freshmen). So, I Agree With Ti Malice; Let's Cut Her/Him Some Slack For This Youthful Outburst. Personally, I... Linda 10/23/2007
McKenzy Find Yourself Something Worthwhile To Do. Flo Get Lost Will You, Didn't You Say Your Goodbyes A Few Weeks Ago. You Are Boring And \"Tiring". Please Try To Spend More Time With Friends. And Jules This Is A Free... Xyz 10/23/2007
Actually Rubens I Think Raising The Taxes On An Elite That Has For Years Suck The Life Out Of The Population Without Giving Much Of Anything Back Is A Good Idea. What I Was Trying To Say Is That If That Is The Only Or... Linda 10/23/2007
You Are Not Getting A Refund So Buzz Off. Nobody Forced You To Go To Haiti. You Should Not Have Expected A Third World Country To Look Like A First World Economy. There Are Plenty Of Bad Places In The United States. Flo 10/23/2007
Haiti Needs A Broad Program On Education, Health Care, True Economic And Environmental Sustainability, That Would Lead To Real Advances In Its Quality Of Life. Haiti Can Use Its Natural Resources Such As... Flo 10/23/2007
XYZ Your Insolence And Incessant Diatribe Has No Bound. You Can Say Most Of Those Things In A Nicer Way. You Are Like A Bad Weed In My Perfect Topic For The Week. Take Your Own Advice, Go About Your Affairs.Ps: Use... Flo 10/23/2007
Hi, These Are My Last Comments On This Topic. 1. Most Of The Haitian Archives Belong Now To Private Collections. I Personnally Own A Set Of Economic And Trade Reports On Haiti Dating 1870 Thru 1935 Published By British... Rubens Titus 10/22/2007
Dude Or Manm. You Sound Like An A.S.S.H.O.L.E. Mr Preval Is The Best President Haiti Ever Had. How Dare You To Talk About Him Like That? Have Some Respect For Our Leaders Jack A.. Jules 10/22/2007
I Had To Vent My Anger While Taking A Break From This Term Paper. The Worst Teachers To Have Are The Ones With The Phd's. This Particular Nerd Spent His Entire Life Reading Books And Expects The Impossible From Me. I... Xyz 10/22/2007