Haiti's Economy/ How To Improve It!

Flo Says...

Posted October 20 2007 at 12:04 AM

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I Am Using Linda's Strategy Of "Le Mépris Vaut Mieux Que La Réponse" Not Turn The Other Cheek Thing. Im Off.Ciao. Flo 12/06/2007
Hello Flo, I Think Somebody's Getting Jealous And Seeking For Our Attentions Here. He Aint Getting None Because He's Too Luijan Boje For Me. Djakut 12/06/2007
Boje Can Call You Prof. Or He Can Say That You're Desperate For Attention All He Wants, I Want You To Know That You're Doing A Good Job By Doing What You're Doing. And I Will Give You All The Attention I Can By Reading... Djakut 12/06/2007
Yo Flo, You Sound Obssessed With This Blog Home Girl. Is Your Name MRS. PREVAL? I Can See That You Are Very Forceful & Arrogant At The Same Time To Get Your Point Accross. This Is Only A Blog Accessing By A Tiny... Boje Lwijan 12/06/2007
I Had To Say Something To That (Je Me Tais) From Uranus. When I Have More Time I Will Post Those 33 Strategies Of War And 48 Laws Of Power By Robert Greene, That Could Be Used In Real Life, Or Government, Or... Flo 12/06/2007
N'écoutez Pas La Propagande Américaine Et Les Misinformations A Propos Du Gouvernement De Chavez. L’économie Vénézuélienne Sous Chavez (Par Luis Sandoval 29 Octobre 2007): L’économie Du Venezuela A Connu Une... Flo 12/06/2007
I Got No Objection Flo, You're Right On The Track. Djakut 12/06/2007
Flo 12/06/2007
Grogrenn, First Let Me Just Say Compliments On Your Blog Name. It Made Me Smile. On The Serious Side Your Analysis Is Right On Target. Often When I Read The Blogs, I Find That There Are So Many Great Thinkers Posting... Linda 12/06/2007
Grogrenn, You Did Not Have To Coach Them Like That, They Should Know That Basic. Djakut 12/06/2007