Hi, these are my last comments on this topic. 1. Most of the...

Rubens Titus - October 22 2007, 10:31 PM

Hi, these are my last comments on this topic.

1. Most of the Haitian archives belong now to private collections.

I personnally own a set of economic and trade reports on Haiti dating 1870 thru 1935 published by british embassies for years and years.

The Jesuits collected tons of info on Haiti.

The catholic church also cumulated quite a bit of statistical info on Haiti.And so forth.

Check out The Politics of Squalor published in 1963. There is an extensive data available on the Independence debt both from the French themselves as well as the New York Bank Note Company (now dissolved) and the National City Bank Archives as well as the US Marines Archives during the first occupation.

Certainly, the info available is not complete.

But you need to know where to look.
2. Saying that all tax revenues in Haiti come from a small elite group is actually doing a disservice to the Haitian people.

All the Diaspora poor or rich that send money to Haiti pay taxes, all the Diaspora poor or rich that send goods to Haiti pay taxes, all the Diaspora poor or rich that travel to Haiti pay taxes, all poor or rich Haitians that wish to have the state of Haiti recognize his/her piece of land or cinder-block shelters pay taxes, all Haitians rich or poor that purchase recipisse from Contribution pay taxes, all Haitians that now have a cellphone pay taxes, (now you know Digicel is pumping millions of gourdes into the Haitian treasury, yes millions of gourdes - and this is from a small group.????), all young Haitians that obtain his/her Baccalaureat certificate pay taxes ect....Suggesting that the Haitian elite is the one financing the Haitian treasury is misinformation.

3. In fact the Haitian elite spends the past 200 years dodging their tax obligations.

Feel free to consult an elite himself Mr. Balthazar Inginac' memoirs.

The poor peasant carrying sacks of coffee on his back is the one paying the tax.
4. Just to show my confidence in my system, I would start by giving the small group (the elite) a tax break.

Yes! I ain't raising no tax on the small group.

On second thought, the small group can keep its money.

So no more lethal problem.

5. There is more than meet the eye when it comes to the dynamics of economic activities in a society.

There is a good reason cash or liquidity was invented.

6. We can make 1million gourdes generate 2millions gourdes and make 2millions gourdes generate 4millions and so forth.

It only depends on engineering economics.

7. You had social revolutions in countries that were wealthy in natural resources and production because the majority of the population never saw the wealth to begin: the French revolution, the Bolchevik Russian Revolution, the Cuban revolution, and even the American revolution...and so forth.



Topic for next week: please share your ideas, post an economic model. Contribute.

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