"Again Joseph what are we doing about it. Or do we have the...

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"Again Joseph what are we doing about it. Or do we have the patriotism to get involved and make sacrifice"

Ruben, this website was put-up and is probably financed by somebody who wants to brainstorm the Haitian Community including the Diaspora on how to improve the Haitian economy.

It didn't ask for specific sacrifices other than we put down what we feel can improve the current situation in Haiti.

I don't think they are asking for somebody to give up everything they worked for. Their families, their home, their hard earned profession, maybe even their lives, to help Haiti get out of its predicament.

No, that would be asking too much my friend.

Multi-millionaires like Wyclef Jean who have the money at their disposal an the influence to indulge in such things are an exception in the Diaspora Community, so let's be realistic.

As as far as me helping Haiti, I have sponsored several Haitian children since I graduated to college through 'World Vision', one of who actually went to college.

I also wrote to several congressmen in Washington, concerning the dire situation back in 1991-94 when Haiti was in the grip of the Army Killing machine.

Whether that made a difference or not, I'm not sure...

I don't have much family living in Haiti anymore and the ones that are still there, are taking care of themselves sufficiently.

Still I am concerned with what goes on in that country, because that is where my roots are.

If the Police or the garbage men in my community are not doing their job or are not doing a good job then I have a right to point it out. That does not mean I have to put on a Police uniform, or start picking up garbage in my pick-up truck.

Harry Joseph, December 1 2007, 5:46 PM


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Harry Joseph, 1-Dec-07 5:46 pm
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Boje Lwijan, 2-Dec-07 6:52 am
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Boje Lwijan, 2-Dec-07 11:22 am
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Linda, 2-Dec-07 1:14 pm
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Harry Joseph, 2-Dec-07 1:37 pm
I got you LINDA. I'll try doing my best not letting frustrations getting the best of me, the next time. read more >
Boje Lwijan, 2-Dec-07 2:04 pm
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Linda, 2-Dec-07 2:26 pm
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Rubens Titus, 2-Dec-07 4:10 pm
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Linda, 2-Dec-07 9:24 pm
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