Man, Harry, I hear you. You are right on all points. All the...

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Man, Harry, I hear you. You are right on all points.

All the millions of dollars of foreign aid, Haiti received, I wonder what they do with it. No one has seen any improvements whatsoever.

No roads are being constructed.

Garbage is not being picked up. No electricity.

No clean water.

No jobs. Every one seem to be unemployed and selling something in the street.

The country is creating almost nothing.

All the people in the capital should not be there.

They are peasants who should be working on their farms in the provinces.

The provinces should be producing sugar from sugar cane, coffee, mango, rice etc...

I was near the Presidential Palace on a hot day. I was very thirsty.

There was a street merchant there selling sodas.

I bought a bottle of coke from her. I stayed there to drink it and she was watching me drinking it. I was wondering why is this woman fascinated by a thirsty man drinking a bottle of coke. Right before I had my last sip, she said to me "Sir, please give me back the bottle after you done. I ran out of bottles and I have to refill your bottle with some more soda".

Unbelievable! I watched this woman rinse my bottle of soda that I just finished drinking and refill it with a big jug of soda she had there in an ice box. Tears actually came out my eyes and I am actually a big and tall man who rarely cries.

I have said this time and time again.

The diaspora should do something.

The only Haitian celebrity in action for Haiti is Wyclef.

There are other Haitian celebrities and sports figures who's responsibility is to help their country and they are not doing anything.

Perhaps, they give to charities.

But that is a lazy way to help your country.

They should be active in Haiti and build businesses and promote multi-national companies to enter Haiti and build hotels, restaurants and resorts.

What about you Harry?

What are you doing to actively help Haiti?

Why not start small with the merchants in the middle of the streets in downtown PAP?

Why not help in moving them to a business zone under flee market tents?

You ask me how you can do that?

You can start out a petition and collect signatures of as many Haitians as possible.

Heck, they do not even need to be Haitians.

Just people in general who have the common sense that it is unsanitary to have all the merchants and their pigs and chickens in the middle of the streets in busy downtown PAP. While I was driving there, I was stuck in traffic because the people and the pigs and chickens were right in the middle of the streets.

After you have the petition.

You can have a sample printed out in the Haitian newspapers.

You can go complain on the radio, send the petition to as many people possible in the Preval administration.

Last but not least, you can create a protest where ever you live. You do not have to necessarily go to Haiti to have a protest.

After doing all of that or part of that, there should be change.

This is what you do to get change.

Baby steps!!!

Greg Peters, November 29 2007, 5:34 PM


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