Harry, you seem to forget that South Korea is an American...

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Harry, you seem to forget that South Korea is an American poster country that is made to be successfull because the west wants to show to the communist North Korea how wonderful free market economy is.
Our beloved Haiti is not that lucky.

In fact, Haiti has been instead isolated and marginalized since its inception in 1801 by you know who. Why do Haitians keep pointing fingers at example Haiti should follow when the Haitian people got his own culture, and his own set of problems.

We must start by familiarize ourselves with the intrisic nature of Haiti then develop solutions adaptable to its problems.

1. Haiti is mountainous
2. Haiti lies in a storm path
3. The French colonists never educate the black slaves
4. The French created the class system: mulatto versus black; rich or poor
5. The French built the towns in low-lining areas
6. Haiti spent 40% of its meager revenues to pay for independence for half a century.

7. Countless carpetbaggers imigrated to Haiti over the years
8. Our neighbor does not like us and constantly try to destabilize our country.

9. Foreign powers blockaded our ports over and over again
10. The occupation was detrimental - no money to education for nearly 15 years
11. Vaudou is the religion of the majority of the Haitian people whereas the Church is still undermining it.
12. There is an un-official economic embargo on my beloved Haiti since 1801.
13. They forced Haiti to devaluate its currency over and over again.

14. They accused us of Syphillis and then AIDS
15. They flooded our market with cheap crap to kill the local business

Does mother Haiti have a chance?

It is very easy to point at the achievement of other nations but did other nations had to put up with what we had to put with.
Thank you.

Rubens Titus, November 25 2007, 8:55 PM


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Flo, 30-Nov-07 4:36 pm
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