My Dear Djakut Thanks for your response. I am glad you have...

Marie - November 13 2007, 2:19 AM

My Dear Djakut

Thanks for your response.

I am glad you have such a feeling for what is happening in the DR. These posts may alert people about what is happening, but that is not enough.

Our people will continue to go to the DR in search of a better life, not knowing how horrible things are. The people that are trapped in the filthy bateys of the Dominican Republic do not read our posts.

We must find a way to let them know that it is best to stay home. I have yet to hear a radio station talk about this, because "this" does not bring money.

The media is too busy, harrassing the greedy, power hungry politicians to give a dam about these poor souls in the DR. There is no statistic as to how many are dead from their living conditions or killed like animals by the dominicans.

No one is missing them. It is up to those of us who like them the way there are, poor, illiterate, tired and so haitians.

It is up to us who cares to do something.

The president have his hands full and he is only one man. If you want to help, you are welcome to participate in the program of the RCH2000 " Le Voyageur" about DR this sunday 18, 2007 from 7:00 -9:00PM at

You can voice your opinion by calling (509) 244-0895.

We are talking about the people, we do not want any debate about the government we do not get involve in politics.

If you know of anyone with first hand info about the subject send me an e-mail.

We are asking for participation, not money.

Let's help our prople.

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