preval you supremely suck

Xyz - November 10 2007, 7:39 PM

Surprise Surprise I have been reading this blog. Preval 18 months within your second term of office you apparently gave a speech because you want to change the constitution of 1987 to allow yourself a third term in office?

O I forgot you implied you do not wish to serve a third term! Man what do you take us for?

O I forgot you are surrounded by a massive amount of gullible people who woke up early one morning to vote for your alcoholic rump. Next time you give a speech let them know what you have done for Haiti and the Haitian people in general.

What have you accomplished with the increase in the National budget.

Have you built one garbage processing plant?

or one water desalination plant?

or one hydroponic plant?

Have you launched a Solar Energy program?

or a Fertility Control program for women [fertility control patches for women and the distribution of condoms for men]?

Have you launched a welfare program for destitute mothers with children?

Have you created a Bien Etre Social office to deal with men who keep making babies without paying child support?

Have you built one major road or fixed the existent ones or fixed those open sewers?

Man give us a break will you and try to make a speech about the accusation of AIDS being launched against Haitians.

Does this Gotlieb doctor actually have irrefutable proof that the Haitians he is referring to in his report have lived in Africa.

An interesting thing about his name Got-lie- b. He has to lie to get ahead.

Lay off the alcohol.

Why do you think the Americans want you in power, they needed a malleable fool that they can lead by the nose like a donkey.

I expect that these insults will get you off the Rum Barbancourt and take some actions that will benefit the Haitian people in general.

This is punishment to your lack of vision.

Otherwise future Haitian leaders will have to deal with your mess and try to wrest Haiti out of the hands of foreign investors.

You have been to Cuba. They have free education and free healthcare.

They have more doctors per capita than any Caribbean nations.

They get sacks of beans, corn, oil from their government, although they need more free market and that's a country that the US have tried to strangle their economy for decades.

They have clean roads, skyscrappers, hospitals, electricity, water, schools.

If you cannot deliver Steps...


Get to Stepping! it means move along for the sake of Haiti.

Preval you supremely suck suck suck suck. and I am not a pip-squeak either.

I am wise beyond my years.

Stop your alcoholic binging.

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