Hello Ruben It's easy to say put our peasant back to work, but...

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Hello Ruben

It's easy to say put our peasant back to work, but how?.

It takes times and a lot of effort, but it can and will be done. We need however stop talking and posts to Mr. Preval who probably never even look at this site, and have no idea it even existed, The first step is to stop more hatians from going there, by starting a radio campaign.

Most of our DR candidate only listen to radio as oppose to reading News Paper and reading the posts from Mr preval site.

The first campaign will start this sunday from 7:00 to 9 PM at www.rch2000.com telephone to call and participate (509) 2440895, 513-2953.

We do not care to blast the dominicans, although we have no intention of praising them.

The DR is not an underdeveloped country, beside what that have got to do with them treating hatians like animals, killing them mistreating them and enslaving them. You said that they are mad at us because we occupied their country in 1804?

why should that be areflexion on all hatians in 2007.

I do not eat foods made in the Dominican Republic.

I definately will not visit the DR or spend any of my hard earned money there.

While home, If am bored, I will do what we used to do and live to tell, I take a vacation with nature at home in one of the many Province in Haiti.

The money I spend will circle eight times and comeback to me with interest.

By my staying at a hotel or guest house, will provide jobs for: Maids, cooks, cashiers and barman.

The money will circle eight times and comeback to me. When I visited DR, the money I spend stay in the DR and will help pay for the soldiers that mistreat and kill my brothers.

You want to keep the peasant at home to farm their own land, close the border with DR, and take your vacation in jacmel, Cayes, Cap haitian, Leogane.

Get back in touch with nature and rediscover la Perle des Antilles.

The money you spend will put the farmer back to work.

Haiti is not just the responsibility of Mr. Preval, it is the responsibility of all haitians.

We must all do our part. Runing the country is not a one man show but an entire country full of people.

Let's get busy. Do not forget to participate Sunday, 2007 in the Voyageur.

It's a step, a baby step.

Marie, November 13 2007, 3:12 AM

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Marie, 13-Nov-07 2:19 am
Hello Ruben It's easy to say put our peasant back to work, but how?. It takes times and a lot of effort, but it can... read more >
Marie, 13-Nov-07 3:12 am
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Djakut, 13-Nov-07 10:26 am
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Linda, 13-Nov-07 12:03 pm
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Linda, 13-Nov-07 12:07 pm
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Flo, 13-Nov-07 12:23 pm
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