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of course you think American culture is superior because it is your culture and it has worked for the US. Besides you do realized the Us had taken over before but your government in 1915 decided to send officers from down south as they are accustomed to dealing with "niggers".

Yes that was US reasoning.

send guys from the jim crow south to haiti.

and the attitude, i don't think has change much. the US has no intention of turning Haiti into eden. The Us see haiti as Cheap labor, plain and simple.

The US has a Market democracy, evrything revolve around it capitalists.

Right now the US capitalists made the unfortunate mistake of sending most of their factory jobs to china and China became more powerful by becoming a leading exprter while it imports very little.

instead of buying US goods, china copies it and made it cheaper to sell to its own people and others abroad.

the US exports its technology to Asia and Europe while it sends Aid workers to places like Africa and Haiti because deep down inside, they don't see black as their equal, capable of lifting and governing themselves.

it's no different then when white teachers goes to black inner city school and water down the curriculum for black children.

The point is the US has been involved in Haiti in a half ass way so through their interaction with the Haitian population, they have not foster trust.

The US do what is convenient at the time, they tend to side with greedy leaders who only care about their own interests that way, they don't threaten US interest.

Leaders who care for Haiti are shum becaue they are seen as sociolist.

but most educated haitians have their education from Europe and they bring back the left/center mentality.

intead of working with this leaders to work a comprosmise they always sid with the thieves because its easier to work with someone who say yes as long you give ema few millions here or there instead of someone who actually have a vision that may run counter to yours.

US do not need a leader with a brain as they tend to pit US interest in dominating the region against socialist latin american leaders who are bent nationalize their resources.

sure people say haiti has not resources but that is not true. a US article reported that after the Earthquake oil and gas was discovered, and their has been rumors that Haiti and US knows that Haiti has oil and gas, why would it not?

cuba, DR, they share the same basin why would nature skip haiti?

you can google it if you want.

anyways the point is US seek to dominate not necessarily rehabilitate or fully develop Haiti.

for example USAID encourage Haiti to plant more mango tree to export, while giving 0 to help it produce more rice that would feed its people, sure clinton apologize for forcing Haiti to drop its taxes from 35% to 3% on rice imports but the policy did not change because US money according to US law can only be use on US good and services and cannot be used on agricultural product that would compete with US markets.

Plus US policy of always privatize always have a detriment effect in Haiti, Example the US force Haitian govt to privatize sugar mill as this would be more efficient, Haiti acquiesce and sold it Mevs. few months later, Mevs shut down the largest of the Sugar mill in haiti and began to import sugar and sell it for more money that the Haitian sugar.

so not only factory workers but over 25,000 sugarcane workers outta work.

and now the NGOs are running the show because they claim the aid money should be given to them they will help the survivors, a year later, the president of American Red cross the people are better off in the tent then they were in their community, i guess that's why they still there.

the International community has a very bad track record in Haiti, so that is why when you mention taking over in front a Haitian, you get a lot of us riled up. you probably don't that record but us Haitians knows it well because we feel its effects.

the people who are currently called Haitian did not choose to migrate to haiti, they were brought there and mistreated.

If you look into haiti history you would see that Toussaint our first leader just wanted Haiti to be a colony of France and slavery abolished.

once Napoleon was hell bent on keeping slavery as it was properous for the french, dat's why they had called haiti the Pearl of the Caribbean because it was more properous than allthe british colonies including the 13 colonies.

nothing beats 500,000 free laborers working 16 hours a day.

so the french tricked toussaint and send him to prison in France but little did they know, Dessalines took over he did not want to negotiate, his policy was coupe tet, boule kay, burn their houses down and cut their heads off. At this point people were fighting for survival because Leclerc, the general told napoleon, the only way to get haiti under control would be to kill all the men/boys over 12years old, and Desalines figure the only way to keep the whites from the island is to burn down everything so they have to reason to return.

sure we judge this decision as rash but hell it worked! when Haitian say Liberty or death we mean it! so at this point we rather die than become soneone else colony!

Jynee, February 10 2011, 6:46 PM


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