The Forgotten Black Bourgeoisie

Baron Samedi Says...

Posted February 5 2011 at 5:22 PM

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Marge, I Don't Expect, Or Desire, For ONE SINGLE Haitian To Go Back To Haiti, And I Was Very Critical Of The Wet Feet/Dry Feet Rule As It Applies Only To Cubans, As If They Are More Deserving Than Haitians For A Better... Rooster 02/18/2011
Sorry Marge And Linda, I Misaddressed My Last Post To Marge When I Should've Addressed It To Linda. Rooster 02/18/2011
Marge, I Believe That The Impetus For Interference By America Was Deplorable Conditions In Haiti To Begin With, Meaning, Even If We Never Interfered, Haitians Would Be Here, As Are People From The World Over. I Wasn't... Rooster 02/18/2011
What About Kidnapping The Elites One By One And You Will See That Kidnapping Bzness Would Stop. Jean Pierre Alexandre 02/18/2011
Marjorie Many Haitians Don't Want To Move Back To Haiti On A Permanent Basis. Rather They Would Like To Vacation There Without The Fear Of Being Kidnapped, Robbed, Or Assassinated. But If Someone Wants To Move Back It... Zac 02/18/2011
Rooster, It Would Be Nice If America Changed Her Policy Toward Haiti But That's Not Gonna Happen Anytime Soon. Because The United States Always Does What Benefits The United States. They Wouldn't Gain Anything From... Zac 02/18/2011
Mass Immigration To US Does Not Include Haiti At The Top Of The List. Countries Like The Dominican Republic, Mexico, Eastern Europe To Name A Few. In Fact If US Truly Wanted To Help, Much More Legal Haitians To America... Marjorie Middy 02/18/2011
Linda, We Don't Really Make Money In America As Being Members Of The Haitian Diaspora. However, One Can Argue That The Haitian Bourgeoisie And The Americans Are Making That Money Through Western Union, UPS And Fedex To... Toulimen 02/17/2011
I Have Realized The Same Thing And That Is Why I Hesitated To Answer Him Right Away. I Have Consulted With Middy And She Had Briefed Me On The Whole Story Before I Finally Said Something. Petrus Should Clarify Himself... Toulimen 02/17/2011
Rooster, You Say That, "MOST Of The Diaspora Makes Their Money In America. Perhaps What You Should Say Is: "Because Of America's Constant Interference In Haitian Affairs, Which Have Caused Great Harm To The Haitian... Linda 02/17/2011