The Forgotten Black Bourgeoisie

Baron Samedi Says...

Posted February 5 2011 at 5:22 PM

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Haiti Will Never Surrender Its Soul And Its Sovereignty To A Poverty Pimp Country Like America. America's Religious Right Conservatives Are Poverty Pimp Managers And Brainwashers. We Don't Want Them In Haiti. We Should... Petrus 02/13/2011
Why Should People Pay Attention To A KKK Pimp Like You. You Smell Like Vomit And We Cannot Stand You Anymore. Jack Ass! Pouchon 02/13/2011
Haiti Does Not Want America To Be On Its Feet. We Need America To Stay Away From Our Problems So We Can Solve Them On Our Own As An Independent Country. America Is A Pimp Country Like Yourself And They Keep Exploiting... Jean Robert Jacques 02/13/2011
I Don't Know Why Haitians Keep Wasting Their Time On A Jack Ass Like You! James L 02/13/2011
I Swear To My Life And My Gods, If I Do Not Make You Feel Sorry For Your Ignorance, I Will Kill Myself. I Am Going To Teach You A Lesson And You Will Never Mess With Haitians. I Have The Capability To Do So And You... Petrus 02/13/2011
Rooster, You Know What I Meant, Why Are You Playing Dumb? The White Supremacists Trade Marks Are Bald Headed, Black Leather Jackets With Different Sorts Of Emblems On Back Of The Jacket And A Certain Trademark Bike. I... Brian Andrew 02/13/2011
The Problem On This Blog Is That All Of You Are Completely Ignorant. I Will Not Waste My Breath On You Loser Wannabes Again. Solve Your Own Problems, But Quit Eating My Bread! Beyond That, I'm Gone! Ablerooster 02/13/2011
Hi Baron, Wow, Thank So Much For That Post. There Were Many Specific Details In There That I Did Not Have In My Information Load On Haiti. Thanks Again. Linda 02/13/2011
Ablerooster, I Am Confused By Your Obsession With Having Americans Occupy Haiti. At First I Thought You Were Just Someone Who Did Not Understand The Continuous Negative Impact That American Policies Have Had On Haiti... Linda 02/13/2011
Give Me A Break, \"Brian." Bikers Have No Significant Role In American Life. You Are A Fake. Ablerooster 02/13/2011