The Forgotten Black Bourgeoisie

Baron Samedi Says...

Posted February 5 2011 at 5:22 PM

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Petrus, Now, You Are Confusing Me. This Rooster Goes On Record In Public Denigrating Haiti And Haitians, In Turn You Are Asking Him To Close The Chapter On A Topic? I MUST Be Missing Something Here. Rooster Was Saying... Marjorie Middy 02/14/2011
It Is Too Late And You Had To Do It The Day Before. I Already Send The Spell Out. You Were Too Fresh. It Is Too Late And I Cannot Undo What Has Been Done. You Are Too Fresh As A Young Child. You Should Not Come On This... Petrus 02/14/2011
I Am A Biracial Haitian As You Said It But I Am Not Scared At All. I Am Sorry For Misleading You About My Nationality. I Am A Biracial Haitian, A Mulatto Like Many Of You On This Blog. I Am Sorry To Betray My Haitian... Ablerooster 02/14/2011
This Idiot Guy Named Ablerooster Is A Biracial Haitian American Who Is Trying To Pass Off As A White Person. This Little Dog Is Not A White Person. I Already Know Where He Lives And I Know His Whereabouts Too. I Will... Petrus 02/14/2011
Rooster, She May Be 43 Chronologically; Just How Old Is She Developmentally? Marjorie Middy 02/14/2011
Vous Un Chien Qui Sent Mauvais. Fils De Pute, Allez Vous Faire Chier Dans Les Jupons De Votre Mere. You Are A Smelling Dog And You Smell Like A Skunk. Go F Your Mother Beast! Sloot 02/14/2011
She's 43:) Ablerooster 02/14/2011
Rooster, Good For You, And May God Blessed Her. Just Stop Badgering My Birth Country,OK. If I Wanted To Get To Your Level, I Could Have Denigrated America Just Like You Are Doing To Haiti. You Know As Well As I Do... Marjorie Middy 02/14/2011
Ablerooster, It Is Not Our Fault If The Woman You Are Dating Has No Knowledge Of History. Her Low Level Of Education Is The Reason She Has No Respect For Haiti And Her History. Perhaps You And Her Should Form A Reading... Linda 02/14/2011
You've Confused Me Again Ablerooster. When You Say Haitians Are Stupid Because They Believe In Superstition And Myths, Are You Talking About The Haitian Superstitions That Come From Christianity. You Know, Like The... Linda 02/14/2011