The Forgotten Black Bourgeoisie

Baron Samedi Says...

Posted February 5 2011 at 5:22 PM

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The Rooster, You Truly Have Been Initiated In The Haitian Culture...For Real. Are You Sure You Are Not Haitian? Get A Grip; You Just Had A Haitian Experience. However, I Do Agree There Should Be Some Control Over I.D... Marjorie Middy 02/15/2011
Linda: There's Two On The Blog Now, Because Petrus Posed As Me In Msg 152! Rooster 02/15/2011
Petrus, You Are COWARDLY SCUM OF THE LOWEST TOILET. You Invented A Conversation Just To Further Your Own Agenda. THAT Is Not DEMOCRACY. You Betrayed Your Own Lack Of Character By Committing Such A Heinous Act. You, Or... Rooster 02/15/2011
Can You Not Tell That Post 152 Is Not Even My Writing Style? Give Me A Break! Able-rooster 02/15/2011
Tiba, I Am A White Man, No More Proud Than A Black Man Or A Red Man Or A Yellow Man Or A Mixed Man. Petrus Hacked My Account. I Am A White Man. A While Back, I Invited Marge To Communicate With Me Directly, And I Gave... Ablerooster 02/15/2011
Marge: Message #152 Was NOT Me! I DID NOT Post Last Night After I Informed Linda That Anne Was 43 Years Old! Do You Remember When I Gave You My Email? Well Someone Did Some Crafty Work And POSED As ME. Like I Said... Ablerooster 02/15/2011
Haiti Can Change If And Only If The Bourgeoisie Stands Up To Say Enough Is Enough, Point Final. Justin Mondesir 02/15/2011
Petrus,What It Is With You? Ablerooster Is Haitian Or Not He Deserve Respect As A Human,And I Believe He Is Not The One That F..Ck Haiti In The A.Ss. Dog Like Aristide And Preval F.Ck Haiti. Jean Pierre Alexandre 02/15/2011
Ablerooster, Please Get A Grip To Yourself, Will You? I Knew All Along You Were Not A White Men And You Were Not Far From Some Kind Of Haitian Descent, But Just Couldn't Put My Finger On It. Ablerooster, There Are Tons... Tiba 02/15/2011
Rooster, I Responded To Petrus Before I Read Your Confession. You Must Be Truly Haitian To Respond...It Takes A Strong Person To Admit Wrongdoing. For The Record, I Knew From The Beginning That You Were Not... Marjorie Middy 02/14/2011