The Forgotten Black Bourgeoisie

Baron Samedi Says...

Posted February 5 2011 at 5:22 PM

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The REASON America Can't See Haiti As An Equal Is Because She Isn't One. PURE AND SIMPLE MARGE! Anne Says "Hi." Ablerooster 02/14/2011
Oh....She's My Equal, I Can Guarantee That! Ablerooster 02/14/2011
Rooster, Chicken Or Whatever Your Name Is, What Is Your Problem? Nobody Twists Your Arm To Blog Here. If You Don't Like This Blog,Just Quit; End Of Your Story. Haiti Does Not Deserve Your Spiteful Comments. It Seems... Marjorie Middy 02/14/2011
I Am Blogging While I Am Waiting For My Surf-N-Turf! Beautiful Nubian Bahamian Woman At My Side! Loves America! Hates Haitians! I Have Tried To Educate Her, But She Says You Dogs Are To Far Lost To Save! I Tried! And... Ablerooster 02/14/2011
One More Nation We Take Over? What Countries Have We Taken Over Recently? You Envy American Wealth, PERIOD. Go Eat A Cookie Made Of Dirt, Like Your Cousin Is Today! Ablerooster 02/14/2011
As I Tie My Tie, I Must Remark That The Reason Haiti Loses So Miserably In The MODERN World Is That She Shoots TRUTH-TELLERS! Open Your Minds, And Stop Hating Everyone Who Doesn't Agree With Your Myths And Garbage! And... Ablerooster 02/14/2011
I Don't Have Time For This.....I Have A Dinner Date With A Stunning Woman At The Colonnade On Bayshore In Tampa. I Will Think About All You Ungrateful Loser-Beggars While I Dine. She Will Get A Kick Out Of My Story, I... Ablerooster 02/14/2011
It Is A Matter Of Time Before You Get Pissed Off. You Will Never Mess With Haitians. You Are A Skunk And A Filthy Person. Samba 02/14/2011
The Problem With All You Haitians, Including You, \"Brian" Is That You Have No Civil Grounding. You Act Like Animals In A Fight Rather Than Humans In A Debate. You Are Given To Crazy Theories And Endless Rants Against... Ablerooster 02/14/2011
The Haitian Way Will Strike You Soon And You Will Notice The First Sign And If You Don't Apologize Pethro Will Teach You A Lesson. You Need To Apologize Before You Are Sorry... Sloot 02/13/2011