The Forgotten Black Bourgeoisie

Baron Samedi Says...

Posted February 5 2011 at 5:22 PM

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Thank You So Much Middy. Can You Please Brief Me About How This Guy Named Ablerooster Jumps Into Our Blog To Treat Us Ignorant And Inferior People? Where Is Tiba? Tiba, We Should Get This Guy Down From His Piedestal? I... Toulimen 02/15/2011
You Are A KKK Biracial Person Raised By A KKK Father. You Are A Shameful Son Of America And I Instruct All Haitians Not Dialog With You On This Blog. If Can Say All Haitians Are Ignorant With No Exception At All. You... Samba 02/15/2011
Toulimen, Very Well Said And I Agree With You 500%. Sorry About Your Friend And Welcome Back. Marjorie Middy 02/15/2011
I Really Support Your Views At 100%. The Modern France Is Not Responsible For Poverty In Haiti. The Modern France Invested A Lot Of Money In Education In Haiti To Make All Haitians Speak French But The Haitian Elites... Toulimen 02/15/2011
Sandra You Are Funny! Rooster 02/15/2011
The Rooster, Your Great-Great Grandfather Did What Most Immigrants Did Upon Arrival On American Soil: Ignore Culture,Food,Clothes, Language, Or Anything That Reminded Them Of Their Former Country; This Is Normal... Marjorie Middy 02/15/2011
I Am Not Mistaken Anything. You Are A Coward. Petrus Will Fix You As He Said In A Matter Of Days. Your Apology Means Nothing To Him. This Guy Is A Priest And I Know He Will Take Care Of You. You Don't Come To A Haitian... Sandra 02/15/2011
Sandra, You Are Mistaken. I Did Not Apologize To Putrid, He Imitated Me. I Had To Change My Name! Wake Up! I Am Not The Boogeyman! Rooster 02/15/2011
After Ablerooster Apologizes To Petrus, He Just Changed His Name To Rooster Now. What A Shame! Petrus Will Fix Bttt... Sandra 02/15/2011
Marge, Do You Know That My Great-Great Grandfather FORBADE The Utterance Of The Polish Language In His House, So That His Children Would Become American? Do You Know That My Mother's Side Was Formative In The Colonies... Rooster 02/15/2011