You came with pretty good ideas but your analysis is filled...

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You came with pretty good ideas but your analysis is filled with a lot of flaws.

I have to straighten some points for you before capitalizing on the past of Haiti.

Do not rejoice about China being a powerful economic nation on earth now. The United States does not make any mistakes for outsourcing its jobs overseas.

The capitalism market is leaving the United States because they cannot exploit anymore the U.S. workers due too many regualtions that have been taken place in the last 50 years whereas in China they do not have those regualtions.

Remember, capitalists like exploitation and the slavery system too and that is why they are shifting their financial power base to China.

While doing that they have made Chinese workers becoming the slaves of this contemporary world like it was two hundred years with African Americans and other slaves in the New World.

There is no mistake ok and if you end up living another 50 years this current financial market will be shifting to another continent or another country besides China.

The united States will always control the world financial market if the World Bank and International Monetary's structures remain the same. Don't rejoice about the U.S. outsourcing jobs ok and they have done it in a mutual agreement between both countries.

This is politics and you are not smart enough to understand their political games.

I think only Toulimen understands those concepts on this blog and the market shifting too. I gave him a lot of praise, credit and respect.

For Toussaint he did not want Haiti to look what it is right now because he had no other at that time than opting for an autonomous country after two earthquakes that destroyed Hispaniola's economy in 1751 and 1771. He did not have any choice than seeking a provincial autonomy on behalf of the former slaves.

He had warned Napoleon that Independence would be his last resort if he refused to accept his offered proposition.

Napoleon's mistake in incarcerating Toussaint made France lose Haiti.

You haven't learned great things about Toussaint and that is why you just bashed him like that. I respect Toussaint'choice of not seeking right away independence after two violent earhquakes that had destroyed his country in less than two decades and I believe if you had learned that in your history books you will not bash him like that. Father Toussaint was the Greatest Black Man Ever within the mankind history.

May his soul continue to bless Haiti! For the last part of your posting, capitalism is not a bad market for countries that have good infrastructures for businesses and it is better than a controled socialistic economy.

For countries with little or no infrastructure like Haiti, I will not welcome an open market for it. Haiti needs to build its infrastructures and implement the rule of law before opting for an open market economy otherwise it will fail. Tell me if you haven't learned anything at all through this posting and I will post again for you. Good Job after all!

Petrus, February 10 2011, 8:06 PM


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