The Forgotten Black Bourgeoisie

Baron Samedi Says...

Posted February 5 2011 at 5:22 PM

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In The Upcoming Days, My Friends In Haiti Will Propose A Political Agenda To The Haitian Chamber Of Commerce For The Creation Of 3 Million Jobs In Haiti To Relieve The Economic Burden Over The Shoulders Of The Haitian... Toulimen 02/16/2011
Toulimen, That Was Precisely My Point When I Said That The Elite Should Be Given The Choice Of, Share, Or Leave. Rooster 02/16/2011
You Konow Rooster, One Tthing I Have Learned In The American Culture Is This: "People Make Mistake All The Time And Once They Apologize To Any Offended People, They Should Accept The Apology And Move On." Isn't That... Toulimen 02/16/2011
Can You Believe That I Was Asked At The Haitian Airport To Share My Company IP With Them And I Said No. They Left Me Alone. We Will Be Followwed Everywhere We Go In Haiti And We May Get Killed For No Reason. How Can We... Toulimen 02/16/2011
Toulimen, Marjorie, Tiba, Linda, Jynee, Et Al, I Apologize For Having Used Defamatory Terms And Expressions Against You, Your People, Or Your Country. I Hereby Vow To Desist From Any Comment That May Be Construed As... Rooster 02/16/2011
Marge, Why Does Your Tolerance Of My Views Change Depending On What Race Or Nationality I Am? What If I Said To You, "I Was Beginning To Tolerate You When I Thought You Were Anglo?" It Is True: 1/8 Of My Blood Came To... Rooster 02/16/2011
Marge, I Have No Indian In Me; If I Did, I Would Say So. I Have Yet To Say That All Of Any Culture Or Race, Etc. Are Ignorant, But I Do Respond Strongly To Attacks Rendered Upon Me By Others. As I Have Twice Been... Rooster 02/16/2011
Thanks Middy! You Know I Think A Lot Before Jumping On His Last Post To Say Something. I Don't Think He Means That All Of Us Are Ignorant. We Cannot Deny That Ignorance Plays A Large Part In Our Culture Due To The Fact... Toulimen 02/16/2011
Hey Toulimen, I Am Glad You Are In A Much Better Disposition Than The Last Time You Were On The Blog. Ablerooster Could Have A Personality Disorder. He Can Appear Reasonably Knowledgeable In One Posting And Totally... Marjorie Middy 02/16/2011
Toulimen Great Post, However I Disagree With Your Saying That Modern France Is Not Responsible For Haiti's Poverty. The Fact Is She Is And So Is The United States. And I Think It Is Naive, Very Naive To Think That... Zac 02/16/2011