The Forgotten Black Bourgeoisie

Baron Samedi Says...

Posted February 5 2011 at 5:22 PM

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I Agree With You Zac At 100%, Haiti Does Not Need The United States To Develop Its Economy. Haiti Has To Make A Choice Between Staying A Dependent State Or Acting As An Independent State In Designing Its Own Economic... Toulimen 02/17/2011
When You Arrive At The Airport, Be Careful At Any Paper You Are Given To Fill Out. Do Not Give Them Your Real Address And Your Personal IP If Asked. Always Have A Different Address An Email For Them. My Friend, A Good... Toulimen 02/17/2011
Toulimen, I Know Exactly What You Mean. Recently A Member Of My Family Was Kidnapped In Haiti. Our Family Paid The Ransom And Luckily The Person Survived. Come To Think Of It, That's The Second Person In My Family They... Zac 02/17/2011
Rooster, Fundamentally I Believe Haiti Is Where It Is Because Of The Terrible Choices Haitians Keep On Making. I Am A Strong Believer In Personal Accountability.My Intention Was Not To Condemn America However I Don't... Zac 02/17/2011
I Wish Martelly Could Restore The Rule Of Law In Haiti So We Can Bring Back New Immigrants In Haiti. Haiti Needs New Immigrants Who Are Willing To Open Jobs Such As Restaurants And Grocery Stores To Sell Products That... Toulimen 02/16/2011
Brian, I Am Sorry That What I Meant Was Understood By You Differently Than What I Wanted To Convey. What I Meant Was New Immigrants Such Latin America, The Caribbeans, South East Asia And To A Lesser Degree Russians... Marjorie Middy 02/16/2011
Marge, Your Father Gave A Great Lesson For Us All! I Think You Are Wrong About Immigrants From Latin America Not Learing English. Most Do. It Is Harder For The First Generation. As With Every Previous Immigrant... Brian Sitterley 02/16/2011
What I Saw Of Career Military When I Was In The US Navy, I Don't Think They Need To Run The US Or Haiti Either One. US Presidents Don't Seem To Run The USA All That Well; Haiti Has Not Benefitted Much From Bill... Brian Sitterley 02/16/2011
The Rooster, I Am Sorry You Are Having Such Rough A Time On The Site. Your Apology Appears Sincere. I For One Will Accept It And Hope The Others Will Follow. Man, Just For The Record, You Must Admit Condemning A Whole... Marjorie Middy 02/16/2011
Zac, I Like Your Thoughts With The Exception Of Your Condemnation Of America, And Placing Her In The Same Sentence As France. MOST Of The Diaspora Makes Their Money In America, Right? I Agree That This Alone Should Not... Rooster 02/16/2011