This is Able Rooster. I can assure you that there is but one...

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This is Able Rooster.

I can assure you that there is but one Able Rooster.

I try my best to stay focused on the issue at hand on any given subject, but, if you read the various topics presented on this blog, you will see that I have been preemptively attacked on many an occasion.

Am I not allowed to reply in kind?

This blog is full of posters who simply HATE white people.

Racial Hatred, as a common thread running through any blog, dooms it to illegitimacy; it loses the respect and even the recognition of the truly thoughtful bloggers.

Crazy, culturally embedded superstition is another problem.

I swear on my own soul that I genuinely believe in absolute racial and ethnic equality.

I do not believe in CULTURAL equality.

That is it. Haitians have been left in the dark, and America bears a large burden of culpability in the matter.

My thesis is that Haiti is hopeless unless America intervenes with all Her resources, and signs a protectorate treaty with Haiti of 30 years duration.

At the end of the treaty's life, Haiti would be EDEN on Earth, and America would be bound by Her signatories to exit. The WORLD, including the Waking Dragon, would be watching.

America could not renege, as most Haitians fear She would.

The so called "forgotten" black elite need not be forgotten, but rather, should play a key role in the administration of the Rebirth of Haiti.

At issue is whether it is fit and proper to give a nation what it wants, or what it NEEDS.

Face it; Haiti is DOOMED unless America intervenes, or the rest of the G-20 suddenly decide to do something better than what they are doing at present.

America is not the boogeyman, but she does have standards that She must uphold.

One last thing, if I may: Haitians would do well to stop dividing the elite into three subgroups.

They are essentially the same entity, are they not?

Do they not cooperate with each other to assure their own mutual survival?

You were right when you said that Haiti cannot afford another brain drain; that is specifically why the elite must be supported in a campaign to create a middle class, which is, in turn, the only way to dilute their hegemony in the Haitian economy.

Ablerooster, February 10 2011, 3:55 PM


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