We need more people like you by way of education means to let...

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We need more people like you by way of education means to let the world that Haiti or Haitians are the only people of God that helped many others while gain nothing back except many more hypocrites to add on their backs.

Not only blacks all othe colors know exactly what Haitians saved their butt from. Haitians always considered a third wolrd class of citizen while they are the ones that fought for them. As a matter of fact Haitians have lot to reclaim from countries all over the world.

Christ Died so the others can live a incarnation figure.

Before any ones can look down on Haitians think twice without these liberators you could be still the 1700 revolutionary wars. It will come days where many states and cities will be given back to Haitians as an act of God and reparation.

When you see Haitian consider that Jesus Christ given His life for the world.

Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine, May 10 2010, 12:58 PM

Topic: Dr. Feel Bad Will assess Paul G Magloire in Haiti

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He is responsible for the massacre of many haitians at site soley. He Likes Dominican women and spend quality time... read more >
Emmanuel Lami, 28-Mar-10 11:16 am
The only ones who are truly responsible for massacre in Haiti are the former Leaders and Presidents of Haiti. Many of... read more >
Mr. Justice, 28-Mar-10 11:36 am
Emmanuel Lami is right.This Magloire and Latortue caused the death of haitians in Belle air and cite soleil.Talk to... read more >
D.sam, 28-Mar-10 12:45 pm
Mr. Justice how you dare to say "The world be known that Cite Soley is the bastion of gangs, criminals, and kidnappers... read more >
Jeanne X Rigaud-chevalier, 28-Mar-10 2:10 pm
I am amzes to see how Haitians talk about crime. Haitians keep accusing Haiti of crime as if Haiti is the only country... read more >
Tiba, 28-Mar-10 5:30 pm
To Tiba Tiba you have to understand that in Jamaica the British are calling the shots in the background. The ones that... read more >
Caribbean View, 28-Mar-10 7:35 pm
Caribbean View, I say "Amen e Insiswatil to that." You've said it all! The United States wouldn't dare impose travel... read more >
Tiba, 28-Mar-10 7:56 pm
We need more people like you by way of education means to let the world that Haiti or Haitians are the only people of... read more >
Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine, 10-May-10 12:58 pm
You said: "He is vindictive and has a bad temper." Don't know P Magloire, but didn't you just described 95% of all... read more >
Linda, 10-May-10 8:52 pm
Well said Tiba; it is amazing how ignorant Haitians are about the world. Jamaica right next door has the highest crime... read more >
Linda, 10-May-10 9:00 pm
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