I am amzes to see how Haitians talk about crime. Haitians keep...

Tiba - March 28 2010, 5:30 PM

I am amzes to see how Haitians talk about crime.

Haitians keep accusing Haiti of crime as if Haiti is the only country with crime.

They talk as if Haiti was the country on the planet that created/invented crime.

They talk as if if it wasn't for Hait there wouldn't never be crime in the world.

Get a grip to yourselves people.

Despite of the high level of crime in P-A-P, Haiti is still remained the most peaceful country in the entire Caribbean put together.

Up till a few months ago, Jamaica was the crime empire of the Caribbean according to the Unite Nation Crime Statistic Report.

This title was run by another country in the Caribbean of which I cannot remember the name.

The United States is the crime empire of the world but do you dare say that and acknowledge that?

New York City alone has more crime that the entire Haiti that share almost the same number of population.

Keep in mind NYC is much smaller than Haiti.

There is a school shooting, a mall shooting, a post office shooting, a military base shooting, a hospital shooting, etc. taking place somewhere in the United States almost every week, does anyone of you ever get scared walking on the streets?

And why is it if one person gets shot/killed in Haiti all hell turn loose.

The American government gets on the radio, television, newspapers, and on the internet calling on the world to stay away from Haiti at all cost?

Has anyone ever witness the American government calling on its citizens to avoid Jamaica because of violence?

Isn't it true Americans can't seem to have enough of Jamaica?

You people keep playing into the master's game every day because none of you seems to have a functioning brain to really understand the conspiracy theory of the master's against your own country, Haiti.

That's really a shame!

I am not saying that Haiti doesn't have her share of crime.

I am only saying there is crime all over the world and don't make it looks or sounds as if crime is a Haitian phenomenon that was invented by Haitian.

Haitians are still remained the most peaceful and the most hospitalier people on the planet.

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