You keep saying Haitians are incompetent. But most Haitians do...

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You keep saying Haitians are incompetent.

But most Haitians do pretty well once they leave Haiti.

We have Haitians in politics, running businesses, directing hospitals and doing many more exciting things outside of Haiti.

What is the difference between a Haitian living outside of Haiti and the ones living in Haiti?

Haitians have the capability to learn and be successful, but like I said before, the few who were fortunate enough to get basic education are keeping the majority of the people in the country ignorant so they can feel better about themselves.

Once a Haitian person can make a few sentences in French they fly off the handle when the discussion of discontinuing French as an official language come up. The difference between people in the US or let say Japan and someone in Haiti is that these people expect the best from their people and they encourage their people to do their best, these people compete by trying to improve themselves not by keeping each other down an uneducated.

What I'd like you to answer is why are they incompetent?

What is keeping them from progressing inside the country?

Haitians when they know better I am sure they will do better.

I think it all boils down to a lack of education from the top down. Education is more then language, math, and reading.

They need to learn how to think logically, and to think long-term not short-term.

And when we learn when our brothers and sisters are doing well in the long term we will all benefit.

When we want for each other what we want for ourselves we will be okay. I am assuming you want the best for Haiti, I want the best for Haiti, and my goal is not to put my people down. As a Haitian I really would like to know what we could do to move forward.

It can't be just pointing fingers.

Let's say I agree with you, which I don't, and all Haitians are incompetent.

What's next?

I do not think using Creole as our sole official language is going to cure all, but it is a place to start.

At least when a Haitian person needs to handle his business in his country, he will not have the fear of feeling inferior or like a second class citizen, or when a child attends school for the first six years of education he or she will not be lost or made to feel stupid; for what to please a very small portion of the population and the few French people who chose to live in our country.

How is that in the best interest of our people?

And before it is brought up, yes we can create laws to keep businesses from discriminating against the people by speaking only French, if a business wants to make money of Haitian people's backs they need to treat them with respect.

That is the problem no one feels like they need to treat poor Haitian with respect, including our government.

I am looking forward to the day when no Haitian will fear to go into any Haitian Establishment in their country with the fear of being judged stupid.

Sabine, January 31 2010, 12:12 AM

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You keep saying Haitians are incompetent. But most Haitians do pretty well once they leave Haiti. We have Haitians in... read more >
Sabine, 31-Jan-10 12:12 am
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