Sabine, This is the dumbest and moronic argument that I have...

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This is the dumbest and moronic argument that I have ever heard.

Last time I checked Haiti was occupied by the United States for 34 years and Haitians did not end up speaking English.

For those of you who ademently believe that French and Creole are the reasons why Haiti never moved forward, well, you dream is about to come true. Rumor has it and listening closely to what has been said so far, it looks like United States is about to occupy Haiti once again, and I am waiting to see how quick Haitians will pick up the English language and how quick the English language will get Haiti so prosperous.

Does language has a correlation with the progress of a Country or the governance of the country?

If and when the Americans take over the governance of Haiti what would really move the country forward, the fact that they speak English or the fact that they have the competence and the know-how to govern a country?

Furthermore, Ms.Sabine, you might be Haitian but that doesn't mean you know much about Haiti.

Haiti is one country in the Caribbean where foreign languages like: English, French, Spanish, Latin, etc...

are being taught in the classrooms.

I went to school in the US and I never had to learn one single foreign language.

In addition, just so you know, Haiti is a melting pot of all different languages even more so than the United States.

In the United States, you hear only English and Spanish, but in Haiti you hear them all on the streets, in shops, etc. etc...

I went to Haiti last year and I had to take a deep breath just to get my head straight because I thought that I was in a different country.

Everywhere I go, all heard was foreign music playing in all of the stores and people communicating in a bunch of different languages.

Competence, the know-how, and good governance are the key to a country's progress and NOT the language that people speak.

Once upon a time Haiti was the most prosperous island in the entire world and French was still the official language.

Tiba, January 30 2010, 3:12 PM

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Zac, 30-Jan-10 3:09 pm
Sabine, This is the dumbest and moronic argument that I have ever heard. Last time I checked Haiti was occupied by the... read more >
Tiba, 30-Jan-10 3:12 pm
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Sabine, 30-Jan-10 4:16 pm
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Sabine, 30-Jan-10 4:21 pm
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Zac, 30-Jan-10 4:53 pm
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Pedro Andre S. Calixte, 30-Jan-10 4:54 pm
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Tiba, 30-Jan-10 8:51 pm
You keep saying Haitians are incompetent. But most Haitians do pretty well once they leave Haiti. We have Haitians in... read more >
Sabine, 31-Jan-10 12:12 am
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