Sabine, Where did I ever mentioned South Africa in my message...

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Where did I ever mentioned South Africa in my message?

And since when Haitians wanted to have Haiti to become like south Africa?

This is news to me!

I am showing my frustration and dismay with Haitians who keep hiding behind all kind of nonsense to justify their unwillingness to work hard to move Haiti forward and their lack of "savoir faire" to bring positive change to Haiti.

All we, Haitians, are good about is to blame our incompetence and mediocrity on voodoo, on Creole, French, and on every imaginable and unbelieveable nonsense.

Reading between the lines, it sounds as if we, Haitians, have been trying our best and working very hard to build roads, to clean up the streets, to provide electricity 24/7 to the entire country, to have drinking water, state of the art hospitals, schools, etc. etc...

and every time we do these things the voodoo destroy them and because we speak Creole and French we can never complete these projects for lack of understanding each other or something.

I am so sick and tired listening to Haitians talking nonsense like they have no brain power to think.

Once again, Haiti is the way it is today because of our incompetence and mediocrity and the cycle of bad governance and the absence of leadership from those brain dead morons we keep electing to office over and over again, and Not because of voodoo, and Not because we, Haitians, speak Creole and French.

Haiti is Not the only country on the planet that practices voodoo and that speaks a language other than English, and all of those country are doing very well.

Tiba, January 30 2010, 8:51 PM

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Sabine, 30-Jan-10 1:55 pm
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Zac, 30-Jan-10 3:09 pm
Sabine, This is the dumbest and moronic argument that I have ever heard. Last time I checked Haiti was occupied by the... read more >
Tiba, 30-Jan-10 3:12 pm
Now you are talking, Haitians should learn in their own language, for the elite schools in Haiti do not use Haitian... read more >
Pedro Andre S. Calixte, 30-Jan-10 4:13 pm
I am not sure what state you are from but in New York City I had to take a foreign language both in high school and in... read more >
Sabine, 30-Jan-10 4:16 pm
Zac, I agree with you. Maybe I am so against French in Haiti because of the way many people in Haiti who speak very... read more >
Sabine, 30-Jan-10 4:21 pm
Sabine I know exactly what you're talking about. I have seen people use french as a weapon to humiliate others. I came... read more >
Zac, 30-Jan-10 4:53 pm
You are not against French at all and you are claiming what is right for your country. Be brave and do not feel any... read more >
Pedro Andre S. Calixte, 30-Jan-10 4:54 pm
Sabine, Where did I ever mentioned South Africa in my message? And since when Haitians wanted to have Haiti to become... read more >
Tiba, 30-Jan-10 8:51 pm
You keep saying Haitians are incompetent. But most Haitians do pretty well once they leave Haiti. We have Haitians in... read more >
Sabine, 31-Jan-10 12:12 am
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