Sabine, I agree with everything you said except for the part...

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Sabine, I agree with everything you said except for the part where you said french should not be one of the official language of Haiti.

And it is true that perhaps over 90% percent of Haitians are not really fluent in french but not everybody in a country has to speak a language for it to be an official language of the country.

Look at South Africa for example, they have over 11 official languages english is one them but not every South African speak english.

French is the official language of Canada but the majority of Canadians speak English.

There is a sizable white Haitian of french descent who speaks mostly french, it's about 5 percent.

As for the members of parliament they are just stupid language has nothing to do with it. Because Haitian laws are written in creole as well. It's not like everything is written in French.

When members of parliament debate they do so in Creole.

I trust me I understand where you're coming from. I meet a lot of Haitians who can't really speak french but always feel the need to prove that they do. Normally when they start speaking french to me I tell them I don't speak French, I only understand it. Then I proceed to tell them well can we continue the conversation in Creole.

When they persist on speak French "mwen ouvri bwat anglais mwen. Lol, seriously I do that all the time if i know you speak creole and you're speaking french to me trying to impress me I start speaking english and I bet you they always switch to creole.

The reason I'm against the idea of removing french as an official language is because I want Haitians to learn to speak more foreign languages change will coming to Haiti.

One day Haiti will be the spot to be. Therefore Haitians will need to be able to communicate with English, Spanish, French speakers etc...

Research have shown that children are able to pick more than one language very easily at a young age. We should do our best to make sure Haitian children learn both languages before they leave elementary school.

Zac, January 30 2010, 3:09 PM

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Sabine, I agree with everything you said except for the part where you said french should not be one of the official... read more >
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Sabine, 31-Jan-10 12:12 am
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