French should not be official

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I am okay with learning a foreign language, to enhance our population's education.

Just like most of us who went to school in NYC had to do in High School and College.

But when we the people of Haiti allow a very small group in Haiti to use a language that the majority of the people of the country do not speak to keep them uneducated and in the dark about all-important issues in the country, that is not right.

The so call middle class in Haiti if we can call them that, can not speak French properly, when they speak to people who really speak French they get uncomfortable, they think too much before they speak.

Why are we holding on to something that has not brought us anything positive?

I remember, I as a child going to school in Haiti.

I was not speaking French at home and they send you to school and all of a sudden you're learning in a language you do not recognize.

I am thankful I came to the US where the language I was using to communicate, heard on TV was the language used in school.

And Please Haitian people stop telling people we speak French in Haiti because we don't. 95% of Haitians do not speak French.

Some of us may speak enough French to read some basic things or to communicate if the need arise, but we can't hold a full and relaxed conversation.

Think about it if the US started saying they speak Spanish as a whole because a section of the people living in the US speak Spanish.

I think we have many smart, wise black men in Haiti, who are not getting the opportunity to serve their country because they cannot speak French.

I have met some very dumb people who speak French, because they were born in France.

But Haitian people associate intelligence and being smart with being able to speak French.

A friend of mine said if we discontinue with French we would be isolated.

My answer is what about Japan, and Brazil.

Just because I advocate that we take away the status of French, as an official language does not mean I don't want the children of Haiti to learn different languages.

We need to educate our children to speak different languages to travel the world and interact with the world.

Keep in mind that in this day and age there are more important languages then French like Mandarin Chinese, English.

The people of Haiti proved during these past few weeks they do not need a language (English) to be official in the country for them to learn it and use it when the need arise.

Sabine, January 30 2010, 9:58 AM

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Sabine you are right in the sense that the majority of Haitians do not speak french. But the idea that a majority of... read more >
Zac, 30-Jan-10 12:40 pm
I know Creole is also an official language in Haiti, but I am saying it should be the only official language. I think... read more >
Sabine, 30-Jan-10 1:55 pm
Sabine, I agree with everything you said except for the part where you said french should not be one of the official... read more >
Zac, 30-Jan-10 3:09 pm
Sabine, This is the dumbest and moronic argument that I have ever heard. Last time I checked Haiti was occupied by the... read more >
Tiba, 30-Jan-10 3:12 pm
Now you are talking, Haitians should learn in their own language, for the elite schools in Haiti do not use Haitian... read more >
Pedro Andre S. Calixte, 30-Jan-10 4:13 pm
I am not sure what state you are from but in New York City I had to take a foreign language both in high school and in... read more >
Sabine, 30-Jan-10 4:16 pm
Zac, I agree with you. Maybe I am so against French in Haiti because of the way many people in Haiti who speak very... read more >
Sabine, 30-Jan-10 4:21 pm
Sabine I know exactly what you're talking about. I have seen people use french as a weapon to humiliate others. I came... read more >
Zac, 30-Jan-10 4:53 pm
You are not against French at all and you are claiming what is right for your country. Be brave and do not feel any... read more >
Pedro Andre S. Calixte, 30-Jan-10 4:54 pm
Sabine, Where did I ever mentioned South Africa in my message? And since when Haitians wanted to have Haiti to become... read more >
Tiba, 30-Jan-10 8:51 pm
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