Haitians Do Not Speak French

Gren Son Nin Says...

Posted November 25 2008 at 1:36 PM

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You Are An Asshole When You Say That Haitians Do Not Speak French. What Do You Do With The 15% That Speak It Eloquently. Shame On You Coward. You Are A Bastard, A Pea Shit And A Q-Hole! Jean-marie 07/02/2010
Ralph, I Really Have A Hard Time Following Your Argument. You Now Seem To Be Criticising And Even Insulting One's Intelligence On Proper Spelling Of The Creole/Kreyol I Really Begin To Question Your Knowledge Of This... Tiba 07/02/2010
Try Rosetta Stone Language Learning, You Will Be Amazed How Fast You Can Learn French Or Any Other Languages Your Little Heart Desires. By The Way, Stop Your Stupid Blogs. That Is The Reason Lots Of Educated People... Marjorie Middy 07/01/2010
I've Been Here For About A Week Now And Realized That, Most People Here Are The Reflections Of A Nation Where People Do Not Realize Where They Went Wrong. Please My Friend. Stand Tall And Face The Truth, Criticism Is A... Ralph 07/01/2010
I Am Haitian Author Jean Pe, The Original Author Of "Haitian Do Not Speak French". For More Stories From Me, You Can Always Check My Blogs At And Of Course On My First Webblog At. Jean Pe 07/01/2010
Listen I Myself Am Haitian And Please Stop Your Nonsense, First You Really Need To Know How To Spell Before You Post, Second, You Only Diss Yourself On Your Last Post. Third, You Are Giving All Haitians A Bad Name, You... Ralph 06/30/2010
You Coward, Why Do You Hide Your Identity. You Are Right We Don't All Speak French Fluently, But We Never Claim To Be French, Nor Your Claim To Be Spanish Instead Of Caribbean. You Are Probably 2nd Or 3rd Generation... T Laguerre 04/15/2010
Cher Monsieur, Si J'ai Bien Compris Votre Propos, Vous Déclarez Que Le Créole Parlé En Haïti Ne Mérite Pas D'être Considéré Comme Une Langue Et Qu'il N'a Ni Syntaxe Ni Grammaire; Je Ne Suis Pas Linguiste Ni... Odile Svoboda 04/12/2010
Gren Son Nen, I Wanted To Reply To Your Idiotic Statement. However, Due To So Many Spelling Errors On Your Part, I Will Simply Suggest That You Learn How To Read First Before You Attempt To Post Anything In Any Language. Alix 03/25/2010
Can You Speak Any Language At All, Your Language Use Tells Something About You, I Don't Need To Go Any Further. Duro 03/13/2010