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Hi Tiba,
The other said, "les paroles s'en vont les ecritures restent".

I now believe that you are a Haitian diaspora and I must tell you this: your writing is your burden, it may track you down wherever you are and as long as you are not belong to the six feet deep. So your latest posting, along Ms. Linda's, is very significant a hatred for the future.

It is extremely scary and misery when someone is willingly comfortable in clapping for his/her ignorance.

The time is too short for such a behavior ambiance.

Refuse to understand is the mere sim dooming to destroy, not only the physical but also the spirit of a well founded organic.

Then, someone else is unfortunately held accountable for another' self-destruction.

Please think just the way you think and the way you act, with all the possibilities you might have to satisfy your desire, a strong similarity is obviously detected with those of the lords of Haiti.

I hate to say that you have blamed President Preval for his chimeric management and his elite deviance.

How about that?

I know you love Haiti.

Do you believe you love Haiti more than President Preval?

I doubt your nod. Do you believe you love Haiti more than either Duvalier or Aristide?

I doubt your nod. What about Toto Constant in a New York State prison to Michel Francois in the lam in Bolivie, do you believe you love Haiti more than they do?

I doubt your nod. So, there is no need to know why it gotta be that way. Refuse to understand is the soul destroyer that someone opts, or prefers, to live with. If you destroy someone' soul, you make that person a zombie.

How do you expect the behavior of a zombie to be?

Remember this: you learn you get; you don't learn you ain't got none. Other words, you've gotten what you learned.

So, i confide you only 4 words to make it happen: Give Yourself a Chance.

To finish, I'm telling you this: there is a huge difference between a critic comment, a critical comment and a destructor comment.

Lavaud Hold Desmoulins of New York City
a.k.a. The C.R.J.
Policy Analyst in Criminal Justice

Lavaud Desmoulins, November 27 2008, 5:12 AM

Topic: Haitians do not speak french

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Gren Son Nin, 27-Nov-08 7:04 pm
YO we undersdand your point but we are not the haitian gov. why don't u put gren nan boudaw tell us who you are. read more >
Babaco Pampidous, 27-Nov-08 9:48 pm
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