Haitians Do Not Speak French

Gren Son Nin Says...

Posted November 25 2008 at 1:36 PM

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Saul, There Is Absolutely No Reason To Add Another Issue To An Already Complicated Problem. We Already Have Major Issues With Two Languages; Adding One More Will Just Make The Matter Worst. Furthermore, The... Linda 12/24/2008
Saul Do You Realize None Of These Countries You Mentioned On The List Speak English As Their Second Official Language Except The Americans For Whom English Is Their Native Language? First Of All, Is There A Place On... Tiba 12/24/2008
Once Upon A Time It Was Latin Or Maybe Greek, Then It Became French, Now It Is English, And In About A Century No One Knows. I Have No Affinity For Either One Of Those Languages Because The Tongue Of My Freedom Is... Rft 12/24/2008
You Are Certainly Right That Creole Is Not The Cause Of Haiti's Problems. But Encouraging The Learning Of English As A Second Language Is Positive Strategy. English Is Not Just The Language Of Business, Science... Saul Wall 12/24/2008
Linda, I Say Amen E Insiswatil To That? Speaking Creole In All And Every Level Of The Haitian Society Must Be Made Mandatory By The Government, And Even The "Most Repugnant Elite (MRE)" Will Have To Speak The Same... Tiba 12/12/2008
No, Tiba, I Didn't Leave. I Just Had Some Deadlines To Deal With. And Since The Blog Was Polluted With Very Low Caliber People With Nothing Much To Say, I Took A Blog Brake. I Understand That Creole Is A Fundamental... Linda 12/11/2008
Linda, Nice To See You Again. I Thought You Had Left Us Forever Out Of Frustration And Disgust, But You're Still Here And I'm Gratful For That. Linda, I Am Somewhat Appalled By Some Haitians Calling For The Abolition... Tiba 12/11/2008
Tiba, The Cape Verdi Islands Also Have A Creole That Is Very Similar To Ours. It's Kind Of Strange Because They Were Colonize By The Portuguese. Like Haiti They Have Two Languages That Are Both Spoken Fluently... Linda 12/11/2008
Lavaud You Said "I Have Never Meant To Hurt You By Calling You Tiba The Icon." CORRECTION: I Never Said That I Was Hurt, Insulted Dihumanized By It Or Anything Like That. Since Haitian Have A Clever Way To Insult... Tiba 12/11/2008
I Am Somehow Puzzled By Your Sense Of Denial And Your Self Destructive Behavior In Attacking Facts And Statistics. I Feel Obliged To Apolozige To Some Individuals Like Mr Lavaud Who Can Back Up A Little Bit And... Yves Salamanque Gren Son Nen 12/11/2008