Haitians Do Not Speak French

Gren Son Nin Says...

Posted November 25 2008 at 1:36 PM

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You Are The One That Need To Refrain From Fighting The Reality: HAITIAN PEOPLE DO NOT SPEAK FRECNH! It Is A Reality. A Country Where Majority Of The People Do Not Speak Or Understand A Language Well, Isn't It Clear To... Jean Pe On Facebook 10/30/2009
You Shoulrefrain From Writing In Engkish Since You Don't Seem Comfortable In It. Since You Are Such A Great French Languist, You Should Post Your Hate In French. I Assume Your Last Name Is Bonaparte. Richard St Nicolas 10/30/2009
Yes,I Speak Other Language. I Speak Creole, And I Wrote That "Haitians Do Not Speak French\"On My Website And On Here. Do You Have A Problem With The True When It's Not On Your Side? Jean Pe On Facebook 10/29/2009
I Hope The Person Who Wrote This Grimace Speaks French Or Some Other Language Because His/Her English Is Worst Than Any Haitian French Mediocrity. Richard St Nicolas 10/29/2009
I Don't Know Who Wrote This Article, But I Could Care Less Because It's Obviously An Ignoramus. That Moron Said That No Haitian Can Keep A Conversation In French For 62 Second While It Is Actually An Obligation That... Ranjebouchou 09/21/2009
You Speak Like A Very Sad Person. You Must Be Hurt. With All Of These Unfortunate Things Going On In The World, You Must Be Loosing Your Job, Broke, Tired And See No Light Of Hope In The Horizon For You. You Seem To Be... Pierre Guillaume 08/15/2009
Hi, I Just Want To Say Or Ask Something About A Frase You Wrote, \"Put Grenn Nann Boudaw", Do All Haitians Speak Like That? My Parents Say The Most Impossible Things To Us And I'm Like, You Can't Say That To Your Kids... Rose-marie 08/06/2009
Yo Pienso Que Tu Tienes Que Ver Por Ti Primero Y Despues Tu Puedes Ver Otro, Si Ello No Habla El Fracais Eso Es Cosa De Ello Y Tu Que Tu Hablas Come Mierda, Quizas Tu Has Encontrado Un Haitiano Que Nunca Ha Ido En Una... Johnny Bernard 08/03/2009
Bravo Frenchy! Who Cares? Haitian Never Care About What Frenchy! Frenchy! Agressors! Thought. Remember, La Bataille De Vertiere.We Will Never Speak French Because We Are Hebrews And Proud To Not Be A White Criminal..... Ritha 01/12/2009
Derisse, Mais Je Vous Connais A Irvington, Et Plus Precisement A La UT. C'est Un Plaisir De Vous Avoir Sur Le Site. Zodevan 01/05/2009