Haitians Do Not Speak French

Gren Son Nin Says...

Posted November 25 2008 at 1:36 PM

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As A Current French Slave, You Should Shut Your Big Mouth Idiot, For Carline And Mireille Will Fill Up Your Plate. Stupid Ass. Idiot And You Are A Pea Shit To Repeat The Italians And Q Hole (Trou De Q) To Repeat The... Carlos Frank 03/01/2010
Agent Provocateur! While You Point One Finger At Us, The Other Four Are Pointing At You. Please Read The Nonsense You Wrote: Your English Is Quite Bad Itself. Bad Spelling, Poor Grammar, Barbarism, Etc. If We're... Janjan 02/28/2010
U A Danm Stupid Bitch If U Said Haitian Could'nt Hold A 69 Second French Conversation Not Because U Cannot Speak French U Think Every Haitian Are Danm As U Are Stupid Ass Kati 02/28/2010
I Feel Sorry For You, You Have So Much Hatred In Your Heart Honey. Ask God For Forgiveness. Whatever Happened To You, No Body Else Is Responsible, You Are! Deal With Your Issues, There Is No Need To Take It Upon... Gertrude 02/07/2010
And There We Go Again With The Dominicans, Is There Any Other Thing Than Say Bad Things About Dominicans And Their Mothers That You Can Do? Is Really Interesting To See Your Behavior, Every Time You Need To Think To... Ajmonegro 02/02/2010
I Understand You My Friend..It Take One To Know Another!!! You Must Have Some Nigger Blood In Your Family That You Are Ashamed Of...\"Broken Jargon" Niggers, Mulattoes Or Not..We Are Very Proud Of Who We Are... We... Tika 260 02/01/2010
I Guess This Ignorant,Red Neck And Jack Ass Feels Better Now About Himself...I Can Tell From His Broken Written English That His Parents,If He Ever Had Any,Didn't Teech Him Anything But To Look For Some Good Haitians... Jon Sejour 01/26/2010
Wow Yvesyv00. You Really Have An Inferiority Complex. I Hope You Can Afford To Consult With A Professional Soon. Thankfully America Was Astute Enough To Elect An Intelligent Black Man To Lead The Country Out Of The... Gonaives 01/19/2010
Marie, Il Est Un Peu Trop Bete Pour Comprendre Quoique Ce Soit Celui La. Pourquoi Perdre Meme Une Seconde Avec Ce Con? Gonaives 01/19/2010
Salue Ta Guenon De Ma Part Et Reste Bien Sur Ton Arbre El Caribeno 11/26/2009