Hey Tiba, I thought you said we should not respond to these...

Linda - November 26 2008, 11:28 PM

Hey Tiba, I thought you said we should not respond to these people.

I think you are taking them way too seriously.

I mean, as I said in my last post to Grin what's his name, I really do get a good laugh out of two people who cannot write the shortest sentence in French trying to tell others how they should speak French properly.

I mean, you just have to laugh at that. Actually, I had a whole group of Friends over to dinner, and I printed out copies and showed it to them. When I told them that these guys were trying to tell other people that they should speak French better, we all had a good laugh and spend several minutes talking and laughing about it. So, take your own advice and ignore these two sad little people.

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