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Wilgeens Rosenberg,

I've asked you earlier to hold on to your horses, I a really meant that.

Mr. Wilgreens, we appreciate you joining the blog as it is always encouraging to have new members with new ideas to contribute to the dialogue as we discussing our beloved country, Haiti Thomas, and we are greatful.

You seem to be a well educated man, well grounded with his head right on his sholders, and we like that and appreciate that.

However, you come on here like "louis-Jean Beauje" with full arrogance passing blame on us (Haitians) as the reasons why Haiti cannot move forward.

I do realize that you are now a member of the government but I really find it a bit obnoxious for you to think that way about us. Mr. Wilgreens, contrary to your belief of us as being uneducated, unpatriotic, etc. etc...

understand that your government is the one that fails Haiti and its people and it is not the other way around because Haitians have been faithful and loyal to their beloved country they love so much.

Mr. Wilgreens, It appears to me you don't quite understand exactly the role and the function of government.

The presence/existence of government is based on 2 very distinct principles which are: To Protect and To Serve", plain and simple.

If the Haitian leaders and the government alike don't operate under these 2 premises there will never be progress Haiti and all the nice, fine, and well written speeches will not be able to do it.

Mr. Wilgreens, the number one thing a government must do is to provide leadership to its people if they want to accomplish anything in Haiti.

Government don't follow people, people follow and support government, their leaders.


Because governments make the ground rules, put regulations in place, propose law, etc. etc..

for citizens to follow, obey, abide by, and the violators of these laws, rules, regulations get punished.

Haitian politicians are the only ones on the planet who keep believing just the opposite of these facts and this why we, as a people keep going in circle with no direction and no distination.

Mr. Wilgreens, let me share a little secret with you, just between you and I, did you know there are many of us on this blog alone who are very much involved in Haiti doing more for Haiti than all the previous governments put together, including the one that you are a part of?

Furthermore, did you know there are many of us on this very blog with all kind of college degrees and are much better educated than Preval.

Most importantly, Mr. Wilgreens, the diaspora is a $1.5 billion a year to Haiti which means if it wasn't for the diaspora Haiti would have sinked down the bottom of the ocean floor longtime ago. We are the reasons for Haiti's existence.

Therefore, after centuries of bad governance, havoc, destrction, incompetence, and mediocrity of the Haitian government, the time has now come for the government ot redeem itself by doing something that is worth praising.

Mr. Wilgreens, the truth of the matter is, the government of Haiti and the Haitian people are 2 worlds apart from each other.

Countries cannot progress, prosperous when governments choose not to communicate with their people.

Haven't you noticed every time Preval addresses the nation he always finds a way to insult the Haitian?

A leader/president/government has the moral obligation to uplift the nation and instills hope and not to put their citizens down.

Mr. Wilgreens, I would suggest that you tell Bellerive that I suggested he presents a well detailed program/plan of action before the Haitian people on how he envisons to move the country forward and ask the Haitian people to help him implementing it.

You also tell him that he needs to build the basic infrastructions that would really attract investors to Haiti like: providing electricity 24/7, cleaning up the country, building roads, building a modern telecomucation system, a modern health care system, etc. etc...

and improve customer service.

Oh one other thing, tell your boss that it is imperative that he treats his people as first class citizens and not like garbage and dogs.

You talk about Haitians not being proud of their country, and I agree.

But you forgot to realize that it is the government's fault.

Who would be proud of a country where you don't feel welcome and are being treated like trash by your own government?

I guarantee you Mr. Wilgreens if the government would do these thing, I guarantee you Mr. Wilgreens, you would see majority of Haitians living overseas/abroad pack their bags and head back home even though if they don't have a penny on their name.

Tiba, December 3 2009, 7:15 AM

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